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Hi, I am looking for an IC similar to 565 or 4046 to use as pll to demodulate FM broadcast signals. (The problem is that the 565 is obsolete and I cant find any place around to buy some. the problem with 4046 is that it works with square wave and I need to have it worked by sinusoidal wave) If you know other IC which are available in the m
Our circuit for 16-QAM MODEM with Dpll as its demodulator in simulink is showing a number of errors.Please help us with the circuit design.
For FM demodulation: If modulation index is low (max. phase deviation less than 1 radian), you could use a narrow-band pll as a phase demodulator. The output is the ouput of the phase detector, that after derivation gives the frequency. This can work for low-index FM but not for FSK. Why do you need a method other than take the control voltage o
In my opinion, the correct topic is FM-demodulation rather than spectral analysis. The problem can't be solved however without considering the characteristics of the baseband signal. As another point, the demodulator should be almost invariant to a varying carrier level. The most promising FM-demodulation methods are based on a pll tracking the car
Hi I have a theoretical question thats got be a bit stumped It reads as follows: "Design a frequency demodulator based on CD4046 pll. Use phase comparator R1 ≥ 5 kΩ, Rs ≤ 1 MΩ, C1 = 220 pF, VDD =+5 V, fO = 80 kHz, C2 = 270 pF, fL = fC= ?40 kHz. Calcula
want to design a transmitter/receiver pair communicating via FSK modulation. I decided to design the transmitter side by a VCO. And I plan using LM565 on the receiver side. At this point I need an explanat
only I/Q can give you phase information, if you want to demodulator signal from phase information, then you need I/Q, else only I or Q is needed such as FSK demodulator with pll.
You can try to simulate it in ADS using the ptolomy with ENV method. Please be sure noise sources are included in your pll blocks.
We using FM pll demodulator with a data slicer as FSK demodulator, my question is what is it a coherent demodulator or non-coherent demodulator? And FSK demodulator has two another method: 1: general band pass filter and envelope comparator 2: match filter BPF and envelope comparator (...)
I want to callibrate a pll(74HC4046AN) as part of an mfsk demodulator for my diploma thesis. 17 different frequencies which correspond to 17 different analog voltages get in the phase comparator. The pll have to lock each time at different frequency. I have tryed any combination for RC filter but the best result is as shown at this (...)
it will depend on the pll usage if u will use it as frequency synthizer the phase noise will be ur major target , and loop speed "settling time" , and for sure stabilty if u will use it as demodulator the loop bandwidth , and speed will be ur major concern , and so on khouly
Hi all, I want to learn pll functionality and related math. Pls, share with me if you have full conceptual understanding about pll. I know simple description as below but it is not sufficiently clear for me: "Phase comparator" compares two signal, produces error voltage, "loop filter" eliminates unwanted parts, "VCO" produces reference s
Try this link: Regards, IanP