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I couldn't find the pll software for Roland version 5/6 . Can any one provide a URL to download the software? best
Hello all, I am currently doing a phase-locked loop where the system transfer function is evaluated in laplace (s) domain. I have understood that part. I have attached a figure that I got from google. 127721 Now there is a frequency divider in the feedback path. That can be added to the system by a block having transf
I have been designing pll circuits using VCOs to generate carrier frequencies close to 4GHz. The VCOs come with wide tuning range,but quite bad close-in phase noise. My application demands,best possible phase noise,atleast an improvement of 10 folds over VCO based pll. I looked for options, and found that DRO based carrier (...)
Please recommend me some books on fractional synthesizer design. Don't mention best or Gardner.
Please suggest me best Book for Design a High Performance CMOS pll in SPICE
Hi all, I am designing a pll at 1GHz with output tracking the input (no divider). I am using a PFD/CP with RC//C loop filter, and my VCO is a delay-line type ring oscillator. I chose a phase margin=60 degrees, damping factor zeta=1, the loop bandwidth=25MHz, and the natural frequency=10MHz. When I went to Cadence transistor-level simulation, I c
I know that I can use an oscillator or perhaps a pll. A pll appears to be a more complex component and I am not sure how I shall use it right now. Anyway, this question is related to Texas Instrument's PCM1808 Audio ADC. It needs a clock input. The table in its data shows the the relationship between sampling rate and the clock input. It says:
Hi, I have some experience with digital pll. However, I am completely new all digital pll. I am looking for a practical design book on all digital pll. Any recommendation?
The dissipation factor or Loss Tangent or complex impedance of water can be done with high voltage if in the GΩ range, but constant current is best method then use pll quadrature detector to measure VI directly or use phase angle vectorfrom a phase detector and measure amplitude of voltage from CC source. . Omega Meters tend to use high vo
I have a Spartan 6 clocked with 100 MHz (Atlys) and I want to generate the base audio clocks 22.5792 MHz and 24.576 MHz (or some multiple of them). For Fclk/3125 = Fvco/768 I would get Fvco = 24.576 MHz, but this would mean the pll frequency is 32 KHz. Reading the specs this seems a much to low frequency, both for the VCO and the pll. Ideas ? :smil
Hello there, it only Internal 4 MHz oscillator . from 6 or 8 MHz use External Crystal.unfortunately there is no build in pll module also.. best regards,
I don't think this is possible except if you use a pll to control the oscillator frequency, (but the pll need a reference frequency provided by a crystal oscillator).
If it were me, I would either do a pll, or use a Hittite X8 HMC444LP4
Hi all, iam finished my pll inCP90nm.After locking my pll the control voltage variation will be 6mV...After adding Decoupling capacitor(Decap=150p) between supply and ground the control voltage variation will be reduced to3.5mV... my questions are 1) How much value of control voltage variation is best? 2) If i need (...)
hi ur frequency after pll never exceed to 40 Mhz. be carefull
What is adjustable pulse width (APW) scheme??..What is its scope in pll... please specify frequency,adjusting methods etc. is it possible a micro controller based design...? best wishes
I have some problem in model the Maneatis' pll,which is called self-biased pll. Anyone have the detail information,could you please E-mail me to Regards !
It is strange for the VCO to get a single freqency with 4.3/4.7V vtune. One case should be unlocked. You can try to tune the Charge pump current register to observe and optimize the phase noise. ADF4157 has best performance when VTUner is btween 0.5V and Vp-0.5V. The Vp should be clean. I second that opinion. Some
Hi I want to design a pll,and i dont know how can i design a first order low pas filter,i cant use matlab functions,and i want to write a filter my self,i would appreciate if anybody can help me.
I want to learn about pll basics and also its IC. I would be really happy if you could provide me some link. Thanks in advance.