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the DRO is pretty stable, so there is really no reason to need a sweep lock circuit. With the proper type of phase/frequency detector, it will lock up just fine. also, yes of course it can be phase locked with ANY pll chip. just realize the tuning range is not very big on the oscillator.
Hi, but it just related to digital circuit not analog. In your first post you didn't say anything about "analog". --> a flipflop usually is digital --> a 8 bit DFF is digital --> a pll is digital (only the filter is a passive -analog- one and the VCO) Please tell exactely where you see the problems. In my eyes a FF, a DFF
When I designed a VLF antenna , I just used a 2m whip antenna, of course longer the better. Then I used low noise FET front end with 2 stage 5deg X cut Xtal resonator filters and a pll. I used the US Navy stations from Norway to Cutler Main to Hawaii for navigation. The lowest common denominator was 100Hz for each frequency which was used for th
I am creating a second order delta sigma modulator for a fractional n pll. First I created the first order one. It worked ok when I removed the output flip flop that had to act as a comparator. Of course there's some sort of comparator glue logic. However it is combinational circuit. I wrote a code in matlab and it worked fine, designed the circui
Ok Bigboss I think I must try to figure out how to import matlab script into the awr mwo schematic Thanks bigboss for the info You don't have to use MW Office ( of course you can use but not necessary ) You should "MatLab Simulink" to predict the characteristics of a Fractional pll.Simulink is a Matlab tool and it's de
What is the necessity of pll(Phase Locked Loop)? ARM controllers supports pll concept. What is the advatage of pll in advanced controllers?
More easily, the frequency doubling can be achieved with a single XOR gate and a delay element. The latter is the problem, of course. You might use logic cell delay, involving the usual PVT (process, voltage, temperature) induced delay variations. Ultimately, a pll is the way to generate multiplied frequencies with precise duty cycle.
Hi again, :) I was wondering how could I determine the pll order. I know that stability and no. of poles are important parameters, but are there any other parameters that should be taken into consideration? Thanks in advance, Here's a good / free pll Book.
If I started to RF Engineering today, I would like to build up a pll Controlled FM Transmitter using by PIC uC. It's very joyfully project, you'll learn digital as well as RF.. It's worth to try...
i designed a CPpll with the SMIC 018um , the ouput of it is 480MHz. I used the ring oscillator for the VCO. When did the post-layout simulation of the VCO, i found the result of it is very different with the result of the pre-layout simulation. such as when the input of the VCO is 1.3v, the output frequency is 300M in post-sim while 500M in pre-sim
1/10 rule is for integer pll, for fractional-N, the ratio needs to be much higher, e.g. 10MHz reference with 100KHz loop filter bandwidth, but it can still offer you fine resolution, such as 10Hz, of course can be 200KHz too.
Hi! How does a pll without a charge pump attains lock? After all No integrator is inherent in it!
hello is there any way for calculating lock time of a pll in the design process?
Here is a short lecture about pll (of course including VCO) design by Adrian Maxim. About book, I think "The Design of CMOS Radio-Frequency Integrated Circuits" by Thomas Lee is enough. Hope this help. Added after 3 minutes: Try this link,
I want a complicated and well explained schematic of a pll to simulate in orcad (for communication circuit course).
Dear gingerjiang what is ur pll target application ? FS , CDR , modulation , demodulation , clock sync , khouly
you can use the pll in the FPGA to reduce the CLK. and then use logic do set your pulse pattern
hello I am designing the pll for 90nm technlogy. The power supply is 1v. Can I go for Ring type archtecture. Is that current starved type gives any issues with 1v supply. pls suggest me the type of VCO archtecture I can us with this 1v supply. Also kinldy tell me the minimum length ( the length that the "designers geneally use"
it is not possible to get 1/3 without passives or some sort of pll or duty measurement. Because it is not possible to manage rise or fall time without processing of full signal period. Of course you can design a delay circuit . It is matter of things which deserves those efforts . But you can get 1/3 duty for twice lower frequency than your inpu
you can reference the theory about pll, and write the tran. function, you will get the anwser