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hi ,everyone I am using IC610 and MMSIM13.1. I want to observe jitter of a pll output. And I used eye diagram assistant in VIVA to process the pll output .But I got two totally different eye is obtained by edge triggered and the other jitter is small .But the other is large (...)
1) use pll clock or clock /N to trigger data on scope for eye pattern 2) compare tx clock to rx clock jitter.
Your english is tough to understand....but jitter comes from many sources (pll noise, inter-symbol interference, x-talk, etc.). jitter is usually measured over a period of time to hit all scenarios with respect to ISI. If you want specific answers, you may need to ask a more detailed question.
I've same question. I use Hspice to measure the cycle period from pll output , and calculate the difference between those cycles. I'm not sure it is the right method for simulating pll.
Hi All, Can you guys give me precise definitions of the following, with respect to VCO or pll terminology. 1) Deterministic jitter (DJ) 2) Periodic jitter (PJ) 3) Random jitter (RJ) 4) Peak to Peak jitter (PPJ) 5) eye Diagram 6) RMS jitter 7) Total (...)