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Hi, I would like to know how to design the pll with XOR gate PD in simulink. Attached is my simulation block. At high input frequency (ex:30MHz) the system is locked, however at lower frequency (ex:100Hz), the system is not locked. Is there any mistake in my model? can someone give advice on this. Thanks 137418
Hi, I would like to know how to design the pll with XOR gate PD in simulink. Attached is my simulation block. At high input frequency (ex:30MHz) the system is locked, however at lower frequency (ex:100Hz), the system is not locked. Is there any mistake in my model? can someone give me advice. Thanks 137416
Hello all, I am currently doing a phase-locked loop where the system transfer function is evaluated in laplace (s) domain. I have understood that part. I have attached a figure that I got from google. 127721 Now there is a frequency divider in the feedback path. That can be added to the system by a block having transf
I am designing a pll with a LC-VCO. The frequency control of the VCO is done through drain-source connected n-moscap. The output of the loop filter is going to the moscap drain-source and the gate of the moscap is going to the VCO. When the loop is running the oscillation frequency of the VCO is getting coupled though the moscap to the loop filter
Hello Everyone, What is phase domain operation of pll ? Thanks
Hi, I am attempting to simulate the pll phase noise in ADS using the available pll blocks which I have implemented in transistor level in ADS. However, the closed loop analysis in ADS does not worked so I wanna do by adding the noise of each block to the s-domain pll model but I don't know how? Is there anyone help me (...)
If you use Frequency Domain behavioral model for pll, you can measure it by AC Analysis. If you use Time Domain behavioral model for pll, bandwidth can be measured via noise spectrum in closed-loop state. See page-5 of Also see
Hi, on my simulation i can observe a buffer overflow in my dual port fifo due to the writing bandwidth beeing 0.0223 % larger than the reading bandwidth. The writing clock is 6 times faster than the read clock, the write enabled for every 6th clock and the read always enabled. The error is caused by the reference clock i set for the pll, wh
What is the formula for the 3dB bandwidth of a pll in terms of the Natural frequency and damping??? All the formulas I see online are giving me one answer, but when I create a simple linear AC test bench in Cadence and do an AC simulation, I am getting a different answer. Can somebody look at this test bench and tell me if I am doing something
Hi all, Is there any way to find the phase noise of a pll using any model in cadence. I know how to run individual block phase noise using ADEL. But incase of a pll loop its taking to much of time. That is why I am asking any simlify model to find the phase noise of a pll. Please help me. Thanks.
Hi, There is a pll verilog-AMS model. Now it works in the simulation with sine input signal, i.e. the output sine phase tracking input signal source phase. I would like to see what output will be for a square wave input. I know that a large magnitude sine wave passing a limiter will be a square wave. Yes, I can code it with several line code. Ar
Hello Everyone I try to model Fractional n pll with AWR Microwave Office my uestion is how can I model fractional n pll synthesizer with AWR Schematic section not VSS ANyone know please help me thanks in advance
Hai friends, I designed pll for 6G with 50M reference clk. when i worked with ideal supply and package model the control voltage had a variation of about 3mV. But when i gave noisy supply of +/-50mv from supply, with 50MHz frequency(ie., supply as a sinusoidal wave), the control voltage varies by 19mV. Is this noisy supply of +/- 50mv is possibl
Hi all! I am looking for the 1st part of this 3-part article: "model pll Dynamics and Phase-Noise Performance. Part 1" E. Drucker Microwaves & RF, November 1999, pp. 69?84. It is no longer available at the publisher's website ( . PDF versions of Parts 2 and 3 can be easily found online, but for some re
Hi, I'm a student and I am trying to demonstrate pll by modeling it on SIMULINK. But I couldn't find phase detector component in simulink libraries. As I have noted in several threads, I tried to use a "mixer" instead of a PD. But still I couldn't get the desired output. Please see the simulink model I have attached below and please let me (...)
I am trying to simulate Fractional N pll using simulink, Can anybody know how can I add Phase noise to the VCO Thanks in advance
Hi, I just wrote a time-domain pll behavior model including VCO phase noise and non-idealities from other blocks. I have generated the time-domain open-loop VCO 1/f^3+1/f+white phase noise as shown below: 98467 In the pll time-domain behavior model, I inserted the above VCO open-loop phase noise at the output of the
Dear all, I am designing a behavioral model for a pll. As I am new to this language, I have decided to start with the oscillator. I have just to copied and paste a piece of code that I found on Cadence's documentation. The problem is that I get an error which I cannot solve. Some lines of the code: `include "constants.vams" `i
Sir, I am trying to model my design for software defined radio as FM receiver but somehow I am stuck in the final stage, unable to recover signal in the pll section. I am attaching the model please help me out in completing it. Here is the link to Simulink model... 97126 Best R
Hi guys...... I am new to analog layout design. I want to prepare my resume.I want these modules on layout 1. SERDES. 2.pll. 3.ADC. 4.Standard Cells 5.BGR. Can anybody kindly Please send me the model resume on the above mentioned topics regarding layout.:-D My email id : Thanks & Regards Ravi te