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You could use a pll with an LC tuned oscillator and Varicap possible and measure the voltage with a coarse adjustment to get the VCO in the sensitive range referenced against a fixed OSC at the highest practical resonant frequency. Otherwise you can drive a fixed frequency (...)
I am using Kintex7 with Vivado 2014.4. I want to have a divided by 8 clock using clocking wizard ( MMCM, pll ) from input 33Mhz clock. Vivado keeps saying I can not generated a clock slower than 6.xx Mhz ( xx is a number which I can not remember now ). What is the point here ? Do I need to use another method ? -
Hello Everyone, I am new to electronic design. I want to generate a 102.4Khz signal by multiplying a 50Hz signal using a pll CD4046 and a binary counter/divider CD4020B.Can any one please help me out with the circuit. Thanks in advance Regards Lohith
I am designing a programmable pll based frequency synthesizer. I am using intger-N pll,right now only this pll is available for project. Fout=4000 to 4500 MHz N= 32000 to 36000 Fcomp=125 KHz ( reference) I designed loopfilter for BW=10KHz ,order 3 active type,but the reference spurs are very high not at all (...)
within designing the pll based the frequency synthesizer, the low pass filter is very important.A bandwidth accelerates acquisition and ensures low phase noise further away from the carrier frequency.A narrow bandwidth tokerates larger disturbances in the pll and thereby maintains better the practical (...)
Your pll cannot be implemented in Cyclone. In SP2, the megafunction bug is fixed. with Cyclone pll, the minimum VCO frequency is 300 MHz and Maximum frequency is 800 MHz. with an input frequency of 32.4 MHz, the pll multiplies 32.4 MHz by (...)