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Hi to all, I want to get a dispersion diagram of a periodic structure where one side should be radiation boundary.How can I get that with cst or HFSS by using the eigenmode solver that don't support,both, radiation(pml) or open add space boundary? I should use an air box on the top. How sufficiently large and what should (...)
Hi, I am trying to simulate the propagation of of EM waves through the ground as well as the reflection from the surface. The main problem with the cad software that I used (HFSS, cst, Semcad) is the pml boundary conditions ? They seem to work only for a single background material and not for two half spaces (air/dielectric). One (...)
All, I am simulating a simple microstrip trace in cst. I am using discrete ports and pml (open + add space) boundary conditions. I notice that S12 does not quite reach 0dB at DC, even with PEC models for the conductors and no dielectric loss. Is there something I should be doing to get S21 -> 0dB? Thanks Ed
I think you forgot to give the dimension of your pml vaccum box, so people cannot help much! Just put your pml vaccum box at distance lambda/2 (minimum) from the closest microstrip. It's a small box.
both boundary condtions use pml (perfectly matched layer). The "add space" enlarges the calculation box automatically for antenna problems, i.e. radiation patterns.
Hi, I was simulating using C*S*T software and I encounter a message saying "inhomogenous material at pml boundary detected" Could I know what does that mean and how about do I go about solving it? Thanks.