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I was reading about LDO. In there as the load current increases the non-dominant pole and rhp pole move to high frequency while the LHP zero doesn't change. I have no doubt in this. But what it says is that the transient response slows down as the load current increases because of the above statement. Could you please (...)
Hi, everyone! For the op-amp compensated in the way as follows, there is a rhp zero a LHP zero lower than the nondominate pole. That makes it difficult to compensate , so i wonder which position introduces the zeroes and whether there is someway to modify the zeroes to a higher position. (...)
Well anything can be stabilized if you lower the loop gain enough.... but in general yes a DCM flyback will be easier to compensate because it only has a single pole, even in voltage mode control. It should never have problems with conditional stability (unless it starts operating in continuous mode).
LvW, Do you mean it is influenced by other pole? I didn't understand. Please explain more. Thanks.
Hi, I am running a pole zero analysis via cadence spectre on a two stage opamp which consists of the classical diff pair with current mirror load and as second stage the classical common source/inverter problem is that i cannot see the rhp zero that is created via the feedforward path of the miller compensation (...)
1. the inverse laplace transform of a rhp pole term will be a increasing exponential (or increasing amplitude sinewave) which is not bounded. This is defined with unstable. 2. yes, it's phase is like LHP zero 3. every practical system should avoid it. for compensation, books about control theory or feedback amplifier design would be (...)
For rhp zero LHP pole doublets: peak ac magnitude and 180 degrees in phase For complex poles: the same as doublets. How to distinguish the pole-zero doublet or complex pole in the bode plot as pic shown
A right half plane zero only change the gain of the system. A rhp pole will cause the system unstable because it amplifies high frequency noise.
Dear All, why a positive zeros in a transfer function creates negative phase shift (just as a pole) ? Thanks for answering.
Do you have any document or material regarding about stability of system with pole zero, effect of rhp. or short description about this issue. thanks
if this zero move inside unity gain frequency, you will have pole-zero doublet which will degrade you opamp's setting time.
Time domain equalization is done by using "all pass networks." These are a quad of two left half plane poles and two right hand plane zeros. (You can also use a real LHP pole and rhp zero pair for frequencies near DC.) These produce a time delay near the pole frequency without any (...)

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