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A more controlled method is to polish off the layers. All FA labs have specially designed polishers for this, but this can be done using a modified CNC system. The top nitride layer is most difficult. This technique allows you to stop at eack metal then via layer. When the last metal layer (metal 1) is removed, the first dielectric layer is remove
Good evening! I have a question about Unitra cartridge.. On the needle is written MF 104 but now I lack of needles and I would like to buy some new ones. I found something on the Internet but is written MF 100. It should match? I saw that there are more models MF 100, 102, 104,105.. I also found something about other brand Tenorel T2001(ED) which p
I've run across the polish 80C51 cores which have since been bought up by Cadence; waiting for the punch line ($) on that. Need something transistor level, schematic based that I can modify for my needs, but something that's proven compliant and has some tolerable level of development support. Any suggestions for accessible, modest-licen
Hi, We have used sim900 (fw revision 1137B10SIM900M64_ST) modem in three different countries with three different operators. (O2, Orange, Plus) We have mainly used data transfer using GPRS. Now we need to use sim900 module in Poland with polish operator Play. There are two problems which I have encountered so far. 1) Very often it is no
RCC NOVA is a polish company located in Cracow designing and producing universal and dedicated controllers based on modern microprocessors. Our controllers are individually programmable according to the customer. This allows them to be used in automatic systems as well as for atypical devices control. At present we offer 2 devices: mini
Dear all, I'm trying to make voltmeter using pikoBlaze, but unfortunately i cant correctively configured ADC. Please look at my code and tell my what i have to change. The code was written using PikoBlazeIDE. I hope polish comments aren't make this code unreadable. MEM "out.mem" VHDL "ROM_form.vhd", "init_test.vhd" leds_0
Hi! I'm interested in this project & I've got plenty of points, but I'm registered on the other polish Board with a Virgin Media email I can't use any more! Can you copy the 9.24 MB attachment onto this board please? Chris Williams I'd personally would not build this project, The meter side of things will
This project was made of a board in a typical small housing with polished panel and neat button. The panel has to be polished twice, as while drilling holes the previous polish can be damaged. It was done using sandpaper 320, th
The power supply has stabilized regulated voltage 115-350V/170mA made on the cheap and readily available 2 x PL504 and EF80 tubes. polish UL1550 circuit works as a source of reference. It is much more stable than the
The aim of this project was to construct a replica of Krell amplifier KSA100 from only the former elements made in Poland. The assumption was that the device consisted of as far ass possible components of polish prod
where is the circuit diagram and the pcb? unfortunately, i don't understand a word of polish !!
Instead posting the polish web link, on every thread of yours and expecting users to translate the page, you could have posted the circuits and other details here. BTW i coudnt find any link to the "Project" even iin the original link given, but looks like you just posted to boast about your work.
Well the Samsung robot cleaner has these bristles that move in a circular motion. You could remove them and add polisher plates from a hardware store and that should do the trick. I do that to polish my marbles tiles.
I don't see a problem either. There should be no effect in terms of high-speed circuitry. Tape, nail polish, mylar could fix it. I would wait for the next rev to fix it as well.
But these is russian_or hottentottaer!? :-)... K. P.S.: I know it well, that it`s polish, but maybe you know the usage of some web translator too? :-)
But Dear friend the link is in polish language and does not allow to download the attached files
Columns that I had is an export version at Tonsil licence. Impedance 4ohm, columns are perfect for Radmor 5100 and Fonica CDF001- first polish CD. Device has few years and you can see it. Boxes are in bad condition, also quality o
Is based on description from one of the polish magazine which was based on some Bulgarian magazine. My project have better flash light dynamics. For each channel we have two bulbs. One of them start to light with lower signal level, s
Hello, this webserver have a polish side also. So maybe somebody could help me. I'd like to know what are the polish words for "Happy Birthday". (and how is this spoken?) thanxs, Indi2Go
Question not well defined. Suggest polish the question before put it here.