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I'm trying to create a custom pad for a FET, however, the custom pad area "polygon" is not connected to the pad placed as seen in 3D View. I made this part by following the Altium directions to create an outline, followed by Tools>Convert>Create Region from Selected Primitive. I then assigned this to the top layer followed by placing a pad towa
Hi, Try to place polygon pour cutout, in the GND plane.
hi, delete the ground shape or copper area as well as vias. Now try it below method. choose icon shape--->polygon or rectangle then select the net as ground now draw the shape in your require area after via in copper area location
Would need more information to help. Did you name the polygon net? What are the rules that are being violated? What is the routing mode for the wires when you did the pour?
... my question is length important or is making the area of the mosfet large sufficient? Length is always important ;-). But you're right saying that device area is decisive for matching. The reason for designing current mirror transistors with (relatively) large length is: usually you don't want to spend
I am using PAD 9.3. and try following the tutor to do a split plan. After selected Board Outline and convert it to plan area. And then use auto Plan separate-Set Grid 25 mils. after draw around the plan area, PADS give me a message: All Corners must be within the plane are polygon.. What can I do wrong? DV
Place (pour) a hatched polygon on an unused mid layer, then use Tools Convert to free Primitives so the polygon is then free no-net tracks, the auto router will then not place vias in that area.
im orcad 9.1, is it possible to add copperpour/area to single layer board. I am sure you can although I am not familiar with Orcad as I use Eagle. Using Eagle you define a polygon and draw it around the perimeter of the PCB design, using solid or hatch and defining the width. You can then name it Vss or GND so that
The errors are: 1. ERC1063: 12-Virtex polygon Flatten (ERRWEL2 not nERRWL2) ERRWEL2=ERRWEL1 outside ERRWELn ERRWEL1=nxwell outside pnwell ERRWELn=nxwell outside RWDMY 2. ERC1163: 18-Virtex polygon Flatten(psub outside gpsub)
Looks like an Antenna Rule violation: the M2 area (cf. the given 56-Vertex M2 polygon) is too large (> 20%) in relation to the connected pMOS S/D implant area, I guess. To avoid it, you could either insert layer hopping (M2 - Mx - M2 , x=(1||3)) between the interior (S-)taps or increase the associated p+ implant
Hi, It has been while since I used Altium but as far as I remember you can do that by adding area/region/polygon anyone of the option available in library designer on the top paste mask layer
Hi, Search for tool "Cutout" pls. As ikon is usual next to the "Place Copper Pour & Place Keepout":-)... You can find it (in most systems) in menü listing: "place" too. Their are in reality "(anti)polygon drowing tools" - good to work with their if your packet has it... K.
as the above said, i think this can do but caculating the area of a polygon need to be which ieda for the skill programming.
there's no maximum perimeter for a given area of a convex polygon. infinity.
use SKILL language,How to get the largest area rectangle which inside a polygon?
Hi, Spikeeyang: Please 1. go to PARAM->BASIC PARAMETERS to define some dielectric types (at the bottom of the dialog). 2. Draw the shape of the finite dielectrics as polygon(s) on a layer. 3. Select the polygons and select Adv Edit->Define Dielectrics Call 4. Pick the dielectric type. Enter the Z1 and Z2. Select OK and you will get
the other way to define a 3D line is use command 3D polygon
whene add large polygon in top layer (positive , dynamic) it dosn't fill the area , but whene add small polygon it fill the area . i need to know what is the problem, and how can i add large polygon? thanks
hi , i am making a payphone , it has both digital and analog circuits , is it good to use polygon plane in my PCB ? and what are usages of polygon plane in PCBs , what's it's exact effect , both good and bad ? thanks , hm_fa_da What i know, a polygon is a fixed copper area/shape. Commonly used to make specia