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I understood your problem... After drawing the second bow tie using draw line command it takes the same level of previous bow tie design.... In this situation just select the second bowtie each and every poly lines and change the substrate height in every polyline. At the end of all changes to all poly lines, you will get the other bow tie de
1) Make sure scattered fields are selected HFSS -> Fields -> Edit Sources. 2) Draw your polyline. 3) Insert a new field report. Under "Geometry" on the left, select your line. Then plot your desired field.
Hello " The profile cannot be swept, because it has multiple lumps. Only single lump profiles can be swept. (4:36:46 PM Feb 22, 2016) Body could not be created for part Bend1 because of invalid parameters of this part or some of its parent part/coordinate system." what is my mistake? while I want to sweep a polyline and sirface?
Creating useful DXF vector data from bitmap is not trivial. Check your file in AutoCAD or another CAD package. For filled copper area you want to have closed polyline with zero width.
You have to construct a surface using polylines first. Connect the surfaces and then subtract from the initial solid structure.
Draw as a DXF in a mechanical program and import the DXF to create a copper shape... example attached just change example.dxf lines are separate and may need changing to a closed polyline shape.
hello everyone I am working on this structure in hfss and much confused about these delay lines attatched to the circular patch. I have created this delay line using two angular arcs , ended it with polyline then cover and united all these. Now the problem is that when I give the sweep to the ?phi S? of this delay line (which is related with the
Hi, To fabricate holes in PCB the fabrication facility needs to have full circles at the position of vias NOT polylines (because the drilling machine will try to cut the polyline and will not use a drill to just make a hole). But I have my file converted to dxf from HFSS where all of the circles are polylines. Is there anyway to (...)
You can create a polyline in HFSS, and then generate a E-field plot along this polyline.
Sounds like you are trying to subtract a 2D object (your polyline object) from a 3D object, but I might be wrong. Are you sure you have a 3D object (your diamond)?
Draw cross section in 2-D with primitives and boolean operations and then use thicken sheet or sweep surface to create geometry, the gap is going to be tricky probably have to do a polyline and then sweep it. Can't tell what gap size is from picture, or size of anything else for that matter since there is no scale or dimensions. What are you trying
Dear Friends! How can i create surface from a closed polyline or a closed curve? As we use Cover lines in HFSS to create surface from a closed polyline(path)? what is the tool in feko as in HFSS we have coverlines? Please help me tried a lot from feko usermanual and feko examples but could not found.
hi all i want to draw a coplanar microstrip patch antenna can u tell how to convert polylines to a closed patch shape then how this closed polyline will be considered as patch of a defined height which will radiate actually physically if we see then a cosed polyline structure without any height will it radiate can someone solve my (...)
Hello ppl, While I am performing MOM-RF simulation for a balun layout on a multilayer PCB, I am getting this warning: "polyline edges and/or wires have been found on STRIP layer and will be ignored. Their location has been written to the DRC report." I am not sure about the gravity of this warning. Also if someone can hint me w
Hello As a part of design I have made a polyline. And I want to keep it at (x,y,z)=(p,q,-r) so using move command I will set anchor point as a (0,0,0) and (dX,dY,dZ)=(p,q,-r). And it will move from the starting point of a polyline. I mean where I started to draw polyline whatever was my first point was. Based on above assumption (...)
Hi Aparna There are couple of ways of doing it.try this Select your 2-D polyline -->draw---->sweep---around vector or around line. or pick a 2d surface to be extruded, Modeler---> surface---->movefaces---> and then appropriate option Let me know if you need further help Regards Rotmanlens.
Hello I am not sure if there is any other way of doing it because,there is no triangular option. polyline according to me does everything,it depends how efficiently you can use them,because with straight lines you can literally do most of the structures.put up the thumbnail of your surface,may be someone here or myself can hint you how to go about
....right up to the point where the layout guy said it died while inputing it to Altium. Do you have a more exact error message? The Sonnet rectangles are polygons are exported as DXF polyline objects. These polyline are closed and have zero width. If there is a cutout in a polygon, the polyline might be self-inte
One other way to do this is to expand the polyline command in the model editor. From there you can see the individual Create Line segments. While you are clicking points to create a polyline, you can right-click in the modeler, and select Close polyline. This will automatically close it and cover the lines.
What you need is to have some drawing editor that can access the .DXF-file. It is often the case that the drawing needs to be edited/repaired. For instance: The board outline should ideally be a closed polyline. You also need to know the name of the layers and what they should represent in the imported design. An editor such as AutoCAD Lite shoul