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Hello all! My current design requires use of T-power dividers and very phase sensitive. But for simplicity I ask a simpler case, but with the same problem. Just a straight microstrip line with two two quarterwave tapers. Imagine we have a tapered microstrip line, total length is one wavelength. This line consist of four quarterwave sections:
You have to specify port extension to compensate for the total cable + air propagation delay, thought you know.
Hi to all; I am using the floquet-port with master-slave boundaries but the confusion that i am facing is how to check angle of incident wave at the floquet port. While i follow this procedure Slave->phase-delay-> phi & theta and have change the values in the phase-delay in slave (...)
If you use master/slave boundary + floquet port, you can set scan angle 'Theta' in Tab 'phase delay' of Slave boundary Properties.
Hello, Could somebody explain how does port extension work. Does it cater to correct only the phase error or does it also correct the losses assuming the port to be extended has a 50 ohm impedance.
before or after? Care to use engineering terms, like RF port, IF port, etc. For a downconverting mixer, the 90 degree phase shift has to go in the RF or LO ports. If you put it at the IF port, it does not do the same thing, the signal is already sampled by then.
Hi, I have designed a quad ridged horn antenna. Everything is fine, gain, sparameters, etc. However, E-plane pattern of each port has shifted 1-2 degrees. It is because of the asymmetry of quad ridged waveguide feed section. This is caused by the phase delay due to other prob's enterance. When I use the connector having small external (...)
Lots. With analog phase detector, you basically split the signal into two paths. One path goes to one port of the phase detector. the other path goes thru some frequency dependent structure (LC resonator, coaxial delay line, etc) to impart a phase shift that changes with frequency. You send that (...)
Hello guys. I need to apply 2 excitations with a phase delay on one of them. I've thinked to use the voltage port excitation which has this opportunity but I get this error: Array2PatchVoltaggio (C:/Users/Emme/Documents/Ansoft_Projects/) 'GainTotal' is not a defined variable name in this context. (10:32 ott 11, 2010) (...)
Actually group delay is a two-port measurement, and cannot derivative from S11. MWO have a direct option for measuring group delay. Choose rectangular graph, choose measurement, linear, group delay.
Hello All, If any one knows or has details on one port circuit Group delay measurement equation (reflection group delay) prefrably using S-parameters... please send me..... Note: I have the two port circuit GD measurement details... ---manju--
I was designing a hybrid coupler with Microwave office and i saw that the transmission port and the coupled port have at central frequency 90degree and 0degree (s21 phase). So for the coupled port it seems there is a lead: it is a bug or i can set some options to see the real delay? You can check this simply (...)
Dear All, Can some provide information on the occasion on selection between port extension and phase delay on the network analyser calibration ? I already knew that has some information but it is not clear enough. BR Rayengine