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The exercise problem doesn't mention interrupts, I won't use it here. The processor is doing nothing that must be interrupted, it can just wait for key presses in a loop. If you prefer it though, portb change interrupt might be an option.
Sorry for the wrong post , maybe reading portb before activating interrupts could help?
It's on portb. 1.) Run init function to setup global interrupts 2.) Write interrupt
I don't think there are PICS with more than one INT pin. Still most of them have Interrpt on change for portb pins. You can also use CCP modules in the PIC to capture events. As a last resort you can use a 3 input AND gate to tie the three interrupts to the one INT pin of the PIC. Hope this helps :) PS : 16F877A is a midrange PIC with lots of per
hi, i think you can use the portb and timer0 interrupts for this. your external circuit will trigger the port b interrupt and you can activate a software timer when this happens. timer0 can then be used to increment a variable at a constant rate, from which you can calculate the time which has elapsed since the software timer was activated. you can
Four of the portb pins (RB7:RB4) have an interrupt on change feature. Int0, Int1, Int2 on pins RB0, RB1, RB2. Thats 7 external interrupts
using PIC16F877A with Pd3557 encoder with 14 counts per rev 2 channels Use RB0 interrupts and turn on the portb pull-up resistors. use C language.
I've a pair of problem with a test I'm doing of external interrupts on that PIC. The code is the following: #include #include #include <portb.h> #pragma config OSC=INTIO67 #define true 1 volatile char bandera=0; char a=0; void int_extISR(void); void int_extISRBajo(void); // Creamos u
This code does quite well in receiving serial data and operating the relay drive ports, which have a command for setting and unsetting. my problem is when then stepper motor attached to portb is set in motion, I cannot operate anything else unless I turn off the power to reset. I am sure its an interrupt thing, but I do not know where to start wi
Hi, There are no hard and fast rules as to what ports you use, though generally PortA is handy for inputs /adc, portb for outputs and / or Inputs with interrupts. PortC for data transmission like USART,SPI,I2C and PortD for General purpose i/o - typically a lcd. TRIS sets the Direction of a Port, 0 for Output 1 for Input. However for
Hi I am trying to modify the following code so that the LED on PORTD is desplayed every 2second. I cant figure it out for the life in me!! I think about looping the timer But as far as I can see the timer is opperatring in the background and so how do I loop it? I have a hit that the LED does not have to flash every time the interrupt occures.
Hi Guys, i have googled and searched but the 16F887 seems to be harder to get working then a 18F4550.. can someone please point out the obvious mistake im making in the below? im only working with the 16F887 as i have run out of 18F4550's... any help would save my sanity greatly!!!! ;*************************************************
you cant use Both at same time. Use CCP module to capture the IR code. portb interrupt will not give you exact values. It will give you timing of Low and High level of IR signal received by HS0038B . it is best for IR decoding.
you could use a timer to generate interrupts (say at 20KHz) incrementing 4 counters. you could then poll or use portb input change interrupt looking for a change of state of the sensors. When a change occurs the corresponding counter would give you the number of timer interrupts since the previous change hence the period
Hello, It seems my sleeping PIC18 cannot wakeup at interrupts via button switches on portb. It only wakes at at reset on teh RESET pin. Any idea how to wakeup the sleeping PIC18 at interrupt (hi to lo transition) at portb, pin 0. Thanks, neo
how can i read 50Hz with PIC. i am using pic basic plus but i cant use pulsin command for this purpose bcaz i my main loop i cant wait so long. can i read 50Hz square wave through interrupts if i use portb.0 for the hardware interrupt, i cant use CCP pin for capture purpose bcaz i am generating PWM with this pin. i am using 16f73 with xtal 4Mhz.
i need to sense rpm in 1 second . i am using timer0 for 1 second duration, and i need to sense counts in 1 second i.e ext interrupt on portb.0 of pic , how do i manage these two interrupts simultaneously. Are you really wanting RPS at all? If not, then it makes no sense to use 1 second as your base time for the
Hello, experimenting with interrupts using PIC16F84A So i connected one LED to the RB7 line of portb. and i connected active-LOW Push button to RB0 line of portb. pressing the button toggles On/OFF the LED. so here is the code which i took from the book "Microcontroller Programming: the Microchip PIC", and remaked for my current circ
I am using the PIC16F628A. I am programming a chip for use in a paintball gun, but that is besides the point. For some reason I cant get the interrupts to work. I am using a switch on portb<6>. I have GIE enabled so when the pin changes value, the program should point to address 0x04 right? I programmed it so that when the power source was con
' interrupts in assembly language ' Turn LED on. Interrupt on portb.0 (INTE) turns LED off. ' Program waits .5 seconds and turns LED back on. led var portb.7 wsave var byte $20 system 'wsave1 var byte $a0 system ' Necessary for devices with RAM in bank1 'wsave2 var byte $120 system ' Necessary for devices (...)