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How can I solve the above problem? Usually this involves tracing address generation code back through the design...or is that the point of this post you want someone else to do this for you?
Bootstrapping with a proper driver solves the problem of high side gate drive supply with minimal components. There are a few cases you can't use it, but I don't see anything to indicate this is one of them. Yes, the "approach" of the original post is however to use a single, non-isolated power supply for multiple high side driver
Missing freewheeling diode! IGBT/MOSFET damage just expectable. 135048 Gate driver not shown, there might be additional problems. Can you please post a pdf schematic instead of a screenshot?
The schematic in post #3 reveals a problem that couldn't be guessed from the original question. In the picture, switches are going to be MOSFET and assume that 4 lithium ion cells are used. As shown, the post #3 circuit requires the gate drivers source reference for all transistors (except the bottom transistor) to swing over the f
There's also a lack of specification. You are asking for 7.5 kW motor inverter but showing a three-phase bridge with 300 V bus voltage in your first post. This would refer to a 230V (actually only 210V) motor which is rarely made up to 7.5 kW power. 7.5 kW motors are usually made for 400 V supply, a respective inverter would need 560 V bus volt
HI, post your schematic, with additional information like: Voltages, currents, frequencies, duty cycles and so on. Klaus
Hi, I'm sure the IR2110 works. Please post your schematic, a picture of your circuit and additional information. Then we may be able to help you. Klaus
You deserve the silence treatment for such a post. Read the datasheet and ask specific questions:
Could be a conflict in the code. I suggest you post or upload your code, so that it maybe examined. If you post your code, please use either CODE or SYNTAX tags. BigDog
Hi, ohhhh...thanks David. You cand find ghis on your own. Many IC manufacturers have interactive selection guides. Just put in your desired interface (RS232) and then the desired supply voltage. ... It's almost as difficult as posting in a forum ;-) Klaus
While i was implementing my project,i'm getting a DRC error. Full error(could not post in title bcoz of length constraint). ERROR: Rule violation (REQP-61) ibufds_connects_I_active - IBUFDS /.../.u_ibufg_sys_clk pin I has an invalid driver c0_sys_clk_p_BUFG_inst The signal that he mentions c0_sys_clk_p is an i/p to my top
Your original post said: "2. The minimum data rate of MAX3798 is 1GBPS". But you want to run slower than what you've already acknowledged is its minimum. Maybe you need to look at a different driver.
post the data sheet of the 7 seg
Hello Guys... I've gone through the post relating to RS422 to FPGA and others.. But i am still bit confused.. I'm using a Rs422 communication with AVR microcontroller.. I need to interface my microcontroller to a camera link driver board which works on 1.8V LVDS, i require both direction communication AVR 3.3V to the driver board(LVDS) and (...)
Hi,guys! I am really not to know how to solve my project problem now. So I post here for some suggestion from you.Thanks at first. My project is a video/audio player board, on the board, there are FPGA,ARM and x86. We build a transparent pass for communicate with x86 and ARM via FPGA.This is mean that FPGA supply a half-pass for x86 and ARM.
Hi Miralipoor! Thanks for your reply. Is H-Bridge able to drive 350W servo motor? Can you post some h-bridge driver? thanks!
can you probe the SDA & SCL together for one transaction & post it here?
The pulse width of your step input is irrelevant, as long as you maintain the requirements for minimum high and low time (1uSec). Your problem is somewhere else. Can you post a schematic?
There was a typo in my last post. PID was typed as PUD.
yes sir u r right.but angle accuracy is not required.any angle from 180 to 210 is acceptable. i am totally confused which motor i should choose. dc is continuous motor,but for fast back and forth operation driver is a problem. i read something like micro stepping for stepper motor,but not having proper implementation knowledge.u can see the applica