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What care we have to take during post layout sta. please mention according to priority. Thanks
During post-layout sta suppose our constraint are proper and mature Then what steps we will checks first. What reports/checks we have to check first and need more attention/priority then other while doing post-layout sta. Thanks in advance please share your experience
First Hey All I have done a design in it's schematic and layout and get the area and write lef file to presented to dc compiler to integrate with encounter layout , My question is about the timing of this design how to present time to dc compiler and encounter to make sta analysis to this new lef file Second how to make (...)
sta can be run on 2 occasions : pre-layout & post-layout. Pre-layout sta requires the post synthesis netlist & constraints. post-layout requires the P&R netlist, the constraints & the SPEF file generated from a tool like (...)
Hi Friends. I hope all of you doing Well. Please mention what are the input files required for the post layout sta, and for the Power analysis. like what are the library files required or any other file..and how to do power analysis with Cadence EPS tool- what are the input file required to do power analysis.? Thank you..
Hello, Are you doing Pre-layout or post layout sta? If Pre-layout, have you set the wire load model? Can you please post script for same? So we can better understand that which constraints you given? Because constraints is major part for sta. Regards, Maulin
Hello Zarrin, post layout simulation is done with SDF. So, how can we verify that sta is properly done or not? So, to verify the timing closure which is done by sta, we do post layout simulation with SDF. There is not any specific definition of accurately i.e. 5% , 10% etc.., but project (...)
Hello Friends, My scan-simulation is failing with post-layout netlist with SDF annotation. I'm seeing some timing violations in log file. Could anybody suggest how to debug it. Also the post-layout sta was clean (e.g. no setup/hold violations in scan-mode), then why during simulation I'm seeing the (...)
hello, what is the difference in timing constraint for dc and pt, and P&R and post-layout sta. thanks in advance
HI, all~! I have question when trying to run post-layout simulation. the design is sign-off under MCMM ( multi-corner multi-mode ) For each scenario, we can generate a particular sdf by PrimeTime. There comes a question: Do we have to generate each sdf under different scenario ? For example, we have 10 corners and 5 modes. Therefore we
Pre sta is done by Design Compiler and is done before PnR.. and post sta is done by Prime Time and is done on post layout netlist.... But I can't understand that how we can do Pre sta as there is not any interconnection wire length information. Wireload and (...)
Hi, I have timing analysis problems for post-layout sta using primetime. This is the part of the report: startpoint: .../ctrl_in_ack_rx_o_reg (rising edge-triggered flip-flop (...)
Hi, My design is working perfectly good after the post-synthesis (using DC) at clock rate of 5 ns. In place and route(using encounter), I got 50 setup violating path. I tried to simulate the netlist and it worked but with a clock of 40 ns (might be not the corner but it didn't work with 5 ns or even 20 ns). My question:
Usual flow for digital ASIC is: - post-layout simulation in min/max corners (ModelSim / VCS / NCSim) - sta (PrimeTime) - RTL to post-layout logical equivalence check (Conformal / Formality)
Hi all, While doing synthesis, we need to estimate the clock uncertainty and clock latency. Thus, we include these into our SDC file (Pre layout sta). After we layout the chip, then we need to verify the timing again (post layout sta). Right? Now, the question is do we still need to (...)
yes, you can add these constraints in post layout sta. Only clock skew will be computed by the propagated clock and for clock jitter, we can add a small delay on the uncertainity to match the real clock which will be generated from clock generation circuitry.
post - routing ( a terminology similar to post - layout i guess ) definately affects ur timing .... routing is the actual implementation of ur design ( hw its gonna come on the silicon) and hence the extact delays of the nets will be known only after that !! during the pre-layout, the delays of the net is obtained frm (...)
HI Funzero, can you post the logfile hear such that we can look into that and design what is the problem. Regards, Ramesh.S
There are Two steps to mitigate the mentioned risk. 1. static Timing Tming Analysis in test Mode to ensure that there are no timing violations. If there are violatiuons fix them at this stage. 2. simulate the test vectors on the final netlist with post layout timing at all corners. This would expose if any issues (...)
And post-sim also annotated the SDF for conform the timing is meet.