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The TEMAC IP isn't an Ethernet switch. I know that and assumed the OP knows the difference. If he is a beginner in this area, it makes more sense for him to 1st understand how Ethernet frames are rx and tx before moving on to complex stuff. Hence was my pointer. If the OP is aware of such basic stuff, he can ignore my post. :-)
You need a bare-minimum type of feedback. Something that I have seen, for very low cost applications, is an on-off feedback. Essentially, you run the push pull at maximum (50-50) duty cycle. On the secondary, you only have a comparator measuring the voltage, and when it is exceeded, it sends a signal back to fully turn off the PWM. The results
I am making tests with a ring oscillator (RO) in ADEL Cadence. But when I increase the size of the RO from 13 to 121 stages there are glitches in the output signal of the RO (image attached). How can I make the output frequency of the RO a stable signal? Because this is also generating errors for aging simulation in ADEL. [AT
hello, i turn around this probleme since any days did many tests without succes .. Impossible to get the ACK from slave device with A PIC16F1619 as Master I2C. I am using I2C remappable from MikroC This PIC uses PPS to map IN/OUT and fonctions I tested the I2C Bus with a SSD1306 LCD, a RTC DS3231 and an LCD+PCF8754 .. same problem On teh data s
You are not understanding how current ratings work. Firstly, take note of what FvM wrote in post #3, it will work but that kind of transformer is not optimal. A transformer produces voltage, not current. Current is what you draw from it. The voltage will drop and the temperature will rise as more current is drawn. The current rating is decided by
Hello, My goal is to find out how to synthesis and place&routing is affected after small modifications to an existing VHDL code. After a small change (e.g. halving the threshold frequency) in a bigger structure, I have to make sure that the not changed parts of the code post P&R should stay the same and be equivalent, s
This post was part of my research on what what standard product enclosure manufacturers others have had a good experience with. I can Google it and get tons of data but often just asking others who they have used can help you narrow it down to a dozen or so candidates. Other reason for asking is I've been out of the profession for a number of
User need to imagine and input some keyword? Sounds unreasonable since there is no keyword targeted. I didn't add a keyword, I just set a time frame for posts and it brought up all the recent thread in the last week (which is what I set) in the order they were submitted.
Simple diode-resistor-capacitor networks create a gradual ramp-wave when you input a sudden transition. The principle behind the downward ramp (lefthand) is obvious. It's not as obvious how to create the upward-going ramp. It's possible by connecting to positive supply rail. 157338 Timeframe is 19 seconds. The potentiome
Would it be acceptable to post a PDF of a hand drawn schematic or is that a bit rude/disrespectful? Any kind of readable and meaningful documentation is welcome. General rule: Don't leave any input (used or not) of any IC floating. With "LS" type they may be pulled low internally. LS has input diodes and must be p
There's not much of a "design" left anymore. I have loosely soldered the inductor directly on the SS pin and cut the traces from the PCB; there's still some noise there. ??? I presume you mean SW rather than SS pin. Unfortunately the observed problem hasn't been yet clearly reported. The oscilloscope screenshot shows some high
Hi I am running a drc on my design and there are some drc markers here and there. When I run drc again to remove these markers, I am unable to do that. It has worked fine in the previous release.
Hello all, I hope someone can help. I have short violations in my low power design. They are happening inside my power domain (i have an internal power net that is routed by Special route in the power domain), and it happens with Tap Cells, Encap cells and Fillers only. Power swicthes and regs are not having shorts. I don't understand why thi
Hi everyone, I've encountered the same trouble than maxim10373 while looking for a replacement for the ON5134. After some research, I've found that BU508AW is a correct replacement for this transistor. The supply is now repaired using this reference. To go a bit more deeply in the reparation, I have changed all the aluminium capacitors. One
That example only works if the bits are in the same port. The 'MY_REG' in post #1 used bits across three different ports. Brian.
What are the HSPICE equivalent simulator options in AFS simulator?? like runlvl is => --afsmode=conservative What are equivalent options in AFS simulator for following or where i can find these:: post probe relvar.....etc...
the facts have been discussed is really important. Thank you so much for sharing a great post.
Figure 1 and 2 are implementing additional features not involved in the PI design, as already mentioned in my post. I see that you didn't yet come across splitted windings and shields, but they serve a purpose. Splitted windings with interleaved primary and secondary are a popular means to reduce leakage inductance.
Hi, Some of the issues of post#1 are still unclear. I don't want to ask again... Before that we take a piece of paper and a pencil to write down the variable values /states.. ..I recommend you do this first ... and show us (I think it's less effort for you, because it's hard to debug foreign, mainly undocumented code. Additionally you should kno
I find out the answer from the thread following It use the technique Boost converter . Vout = Vi/(1-D) So the my first post said about 7.5 volt which can be simply boosted up our desired value thanks