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Dear Team, I need one variable resistor provided with push button . Variable resistor should have a tactile switch in knob head. That switch will used for selection option. My application is instead of keypad I am going to implement new system. There is no more buttons apart this selection swith. Every actions will be controlled by the Po
Hi, I am following the circuit here I am using 12V instead of 24V. 115245 I have not connected a pic to pin A and B yet. Instead I am using a potentiometer. I ground pin A and then drive B with the pot for one direction and then alternate for another direction. T
thanks for that it helps a lot :D and now the motor is running CW and CCW but another problem is that how can i limit the speed of the motor ? i see some people that use arduino uses pot to limit it but how can i use it in pic ? thanks
Hello! i want to how many time my Stroboscope light on / off time. What do you mean? You want to know the duty ratio? As for any stroboscope, the on time should be as short as possible. I'm not sure whether you can do that with a 555, and on top of that, it will not be easy to actually measure the frequency with a 555. You should
Hi, please tell me how to make variable timer using AN0 through potentiometer in pic12F675 ?
hi i made a little project based on pic 16f8777a to convert a analog pot movement (from zero to 5v) to binary value on 8 led attached to portd. Everything works pretty fine and i want to do a modification that when i rotate the pot the led lights up linearly like a progress bar. i use assembler to write my program (...)
pot down the 5V input to within the 3.3V range. That is not the thing. Can the span be from 0to 5 by clamping Vref- to 0V and Vref+ to +5V?
Hey guys, i found a intresting project for water monitoring system. Previously i was using Water proof pot acting as a float valve and sending that pot voltage to ADC, that Project didnt last long because in summer temperature is quite hot (40 degree )and the the tank was black i
Place a pot-HG in the schematic, it can be set in 1% steps. Use a value about 1-5k Alex - - - Updated - - - The value can change in runtime using the red arrows or by click and dragging with the mouse on the pot center tap
You shouldn't have too large a voltage loss in the resistors. That would be a problem. What are the values of the resistors you are using? and how are they connected? The loss would change depending on the voltage. You can use Adjust the pot until you have 3V at the output wi
I like to Interface JHD LCD (2x16) with pic16F628A. I connected the pic ports to LCD and I build the project. But LCD Blinks and not showing any characters on LCD. I have modified the lcd.c according to pic16F628A like this: Pin Connections: (LCD to pic MCU): 1. GND to GND 2. (...)
Do you want the micro to only display the output voltages ? Exactly how do you want to control the output voltages ? ( by pot or by micro and how?)
hello can anyone guide to me write the code in c for measuring of temperature i got a code and i need to change according to it #include <pic.h> /* cADC - Display the pickit pot Input Value on the built in LEDs This program samples the voltage on RA0 using the ADC and Displays the value (...)
see attachement .. To activate PNP transistor pic pin has to pull voltage down - ie. it's active "L" action .. and pot should never be at the GND end .. IanP :D
Can any one help me? I got a servo motor,16f877a,20MHz xtal,picC compiler,I have a burner for my pic and I use C when writing a program. I got a 5k pot connected to pin A0 and I am planning to use port D or Port B to control the servo to go left and right when I turn the (...)
I also tried this circuit (fan dimmer) which i found from the internet and interfaced the TRIAC with the pic at its gate circuit worked , however the pot over heated too quickly. I tried replacing it with a 5W 1kOhm resistor...but that too over heated....
I am new for pic controller. I am testing for inbuilt ADC in 16f877a. I tried in polling method with the help of 10Kpot. I can read the value, but it read as 0V to 2.5V and again 2.5V to 0V. I am applying the voltage for pot is 5V. But it is not reaching the maximum value. What may be the problem. I will attach (...)
Hi All, i was just wondering what is the easyest way to control the output of a LM337 regulator with a pic. I was thinking a digital potentiometer, but woundering if there are any other ways? Thanks Mark
Hi, guys I want to build a project from the design idea magazine, but i don't know what to use to drive the frequency control inputs (4pins). As i understand these inputs have to be digital so the pic program can compute using a look-up table and output a desire frequency. Can I use a 4 pin Digital pot or an encoder ? (...)
Quote from : The blue pot adjusts the reference voltage for the pic's ADC. It must be 2.560V or else the ADC will not have the proper step size. A word about that- the pic has 1024 steps on its ADC, and the ref is 2.56V so each step of the ADC is 2.56/1024 or 2.5mV. The LM335 temp sensors