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I wonder if this technology exists. Imagine the following situation: During setup/calibration I can power the circuit and "tune" my potentiometer using some type of digital interface. (e.g. I2C) However, during operation the device is fully passive and will not have a source of power. Thus, the potentiometer would need to "remember" the settings
Hello, I wish to use a digital pot as a low side potential divider resistor. (having 64 taps) Every time I wish to set its value, I wont know the current position of the wiper, order to start from a known place (ZERO), we intend to send 70 'decrement' pulses to my understanding, this will definitely take the resistance down to
1. No cross posts, please. 2. The circuit doesn't work as a current source with C3 in place 3. Exchange the position of current sense shunt and 10k pot, because the OP input is grounded.
The only way I see this possible is by using three pin components in isis connected to the pot (each to one pin of the pot), then in ares you can move them individually to any position. You also need to exclude the pot from the PCB (from the component properties), using that way you can use the pot while (...)
Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. I constructed an inverted pendulum for my final year project. Time is running out and I am struggling to get it properly balanced. The system consists of the following. I use an pot to measure the angle and an optical encoder to measure the cart position. After the PID controller output I send the out
ok tell me how many degrees pot can maximumly rotate.this will guide me that from 0 to 5 volt variation maximum degrees will be. i will give this value to pic adc and then calculate how much steps stepper have to move but u must know the current location of stepper for this purpose u have to save data in controller memory
The exact answer should be given in the manual. Usually, there will be minimum an possibly a maximum potentiometer value. The minimum value is considering the permitted load current of 10V reference output supplying the potentiometer, the maximum value the input resistance of the analog input and respective voltage drop in mid position of (...)
Hi, The diagram seem clear, just looked at a similar glcd and it shows exactly the same configuration. As long as you use a 20k pot and start off in the mid position doubt you can do much harm. To be safe, fit a 250ma fuse on the output of your 5v regulator and monitor the current with your meter as you slowly turn the pot. [URL="www.s
How do I amplify and digitize the output of a 10k,100mm,0.5W linear potentiometer? any available circuits? do i simply use an instrumentation amplifier and ADC...and interface it directly to my FPGA?
how do i choose the rating of a linear potentiometer to sense the plunger position in a syringe pump? on what factors is it dependent? also, will i have to give the output of the pot to a buffer/voltage follower before giving to an ADC? are there any other design considerations to be followed to implement this circuit?
I'm almost finished building an articulated arm robot. It uses 6 DC brushed motors with quadrature encoders and one brushed dc with pot for position sense. The microcontroller (dspPic 33fj256gp710) is connected to six LM628 motor controllers. I've used assembly code to control one motor with encoder at a time but I've been struggleing, with limit
iam doing project on pic18f452 how to overwrite data on lcd for any variation in the input pot value to be displayed i want the hexa code(ex: 0x30) to overwrite the existing value on lcd
Most joysticks and knobs are just pots. Unless its an active joystick that requires a power supply. Some interfaces use an A/D to get the pot position, some use the pot as part of a timer to get a pulse width.
I am simulating with analog designer. I have modeled an analog pot: * potENTIOMETER SUBCIRCUIT * * TERMINALS: 1-CCW , 2-WIPER, 3-CW * WIPER position VOLTAGE: 7-POS,8-NEG * .SUBCKT pot_1k 1 2 3 7 8 E_RA 1 4 VALUE = { V(7,8) * 1K * I(VSENSE1) } VSENSE1 4 5 DC 0V RS 5 2 1 E_RB 5 6 VALUE = { V(7,8)* 1K * (...)
u can use a ADC to Read the exact position of the pot for the LCD there some routine that you can use
hi guys, i need to interface a pair of leds(exactly 8) of them with a pot(linear) probabaly using 16f877 a/d cconverter.any help would be apppreciated. :the problem is that i cannot see the leds starting from rb0 to rb7 but in random order. and can u explain how the process works.