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Hi all, I have a self-designed amplifier and need to find a load line to get higher output power. I use ads for simulation. Does anyone have an example or know how to start? Thanks, Find max. Id/Ic and Vcc/Vdd from data sheet and draw a straight line between Idmax (...)
Hi all I want to design a on chip transformer with center tap to for PA input and output match and center tap used for bias supply . But the ads mom designed transformer (SP_black block)used for bias supply in cadence simulation ,My main power amplifier device was not (...)
Hi! I want to design a power amplifier and I know one of the simulations which should be run is HB simulation. I have started with the test circuit of the transistor. after finishing this step I tried to run HB- simulation. But for some reasons it couldn't be converged. I don't know exactly (...)
Hi! I want to design a push-pull power amplifier in AB class. I tried to use the test circuit of the transistor in the datasheet to get some idea about designing. I'm using ads and I draw the schematic of the test I think I should run HB-simulation. But I couldn't manage to run that. but it (...)
What does it mean, you can't display PAE, do you see some power contours, do you got errors? Maybe specify the template you're using or make a screeshot of your schematic.
Hi all, according to Qorvo's datasheet, this device: TQP7M9103 works from 500 MHz to 4000 MHz. I have downloaded and simulated the S-parameters, and found that I can still get > 12 dB gain up to nearly 6 GHz. So my question is, what kind of limitations would I expect driving this thing beyond 4 GHz? Is P1dB likely to suffer, and (...)
Hi I want to design a class AB power amplifier and I use spice model of D2201UK transistor (semelab) for simulation in ads, design guide>amplifier>DC and Bias point>FET_IV_Gm_powerCalc. but when I put my spice model instead of the default transistor, it (...)
can anyone provide me a full example for CLASS-E amplifier wit all results using transistor in AGILENT ads. I am getting a problerm in harmonic simulation for finding gain, PAE and power
In ads can you tell me in class-E power amplifier, please refer to circuit at point 'A' in Figure at o/p port, How can I plot current and voltage waveform w.r.t to Frequency? please find attached figure.112943. 112943
You cannot obtain AC voltages and current in s-parameters simulations.You may just see small signal input/output relations between the ports. You have to do either HB simulation or Transient simulation with a proper nonlinear model.If you use ads, there is a Design Guide for Large Signal Test Benches for (...)
When you do HB simulation in ads for amplifier or oscillator and it shows very high dBm at 0Hz ( in the spectral plot) along with the others, what does it mean?
Hi everyone. I want to design a power amplifier and I need a ams CMOS C-35(nmos MN1) for my design,but I can't find it in ads library.what should I do?
Hi Friends I designed a power amplifier using ads, and simulated it with Harmonic balance simulator. Since this PA is going to be used in OFDM system, I am looking for a way that simulate it with OFDM input and check the output's shoulder. I really appreciate that if any of you can help me (...)
Hi all. i use model of NPT1004 of Nitronex. When i make loadpull i can't reach the maximum power the transistor is capable according to datasheet. When i increase the input power the simulation shows error of non-convergence. I play with some advanced parameters at HB simulation and it improve the (...)
Dear friends These days I am designing a 2-stage power-amplifier in 5.8 GHz in ads , but when I test the S parameter , there is something strange about its MAG(max available gain ) , in low frequency , its MAG is -3040 while in 5.8 GHz its MAG is normal . when I test the first and second stage PA separately , the (...)
i have designed a power amplifier for 2.4ghz in ads and i simulate it in S-Parametere simulation and plot Z(2,2) vs frequnce i see output impedance of circuit is 30.49Ω but the load impedance that give maximum power (RL-opt) is near 10Ω now i want to match the (...)
i need a schematic diagram of class E power amplifier for ISM band and for simulation in ads
Hello, i want to simulate a cmos class E power amplifier in 0.18um processes with ads but i dont know how i can select the transistor and when i select transistor type and number is there exist in ads?
I want to design a class f power amplifier. operating freq is 2.4GHz. Pout is 10-25W. GaAs phemt. I am facing difficulties in ads simulation of the transistor in load pull and source pull analysis due to the unavailable of transistor MET model. Any suggestion on how and where can I get the (...)
Hi everyone, Im starting my thesis and im gonna make a Class-D power amplifier. I've found many documents about it, but it's never enough! Does anybody have documents about it ? Class-E or F to ! Recommend a site? Anything about simulation PA's in Cadence or ads is good to! i've found some (...)