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Hi, Regarding the power amplifier design in ADS. How to do the with DC power supply & transistor grounding in layout window? and also during PCB fabrication process. Is it just replacing with Viaground which will be as hole in the layout?156808
156807 I need some help to design this circuit in ADS and reproduce the corresponding S parameter graph. FET model is NE3210S01. I have tried multiple times but not getting the result. VDD =0.4 V. I_DD=30 ma.
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Hi Could any one help me please How many slave devices can be connected to spi bus?
Can you set a value for charge voltage on the output capacitor (and other capacitors)? After power-up, I find that it usually requires many operating cycles until capacitors charge so that a circuit reaches normal running conditions. By setting charge levels at the beginning of the run, you might get to a steady operating state sooner.
When a grid tied inverter (from a solar fed battery) is connected to the mains, it senses the mains voltage and disconnects if the mains voltage goes above 250VAC in UK (above 240VAC in Europe). However, the disconnection is not instantaneous, there is a slight delay. Therefore, it goes without saying that if multiple grid tied inverters are conne
Not sure if the answer depends on the circuit, or if this is a rule that will apply across the board? So, I get that a resistor will limit the flow of current in the circuit. I have a circuit with a 10k resistor, and let's say I add to that a 4.7k resistor. I believe this to be called 'piggybacking'? 1. Is that considered series, or paral
hi in this schematic i want to use uc3846 instead of sg3525 and control the primary i need to add a sense resistor (and rc filter)and use suitable caps and resistors which are in datasheet to run uc3846. but is that needed to change other schematic parts?like add or remove other components? 156723
Could anyone please explain the difference of Incident field>>scattered field>>total field>>incident field in HFSS Software. 156761
Can anyone explain about what is 'Phi' and 'Theta' angle in far field radiation sphere setup, 156743
hi every body I have a resistor-capacitor circuit that I fitted with MOSFET and want the MOSFET capacitor to phase shift. Unfortunately, as much as I could increase the amount of this capacitor by increasing the transistor w and l and parallelizing several transistors, I saw no phase difference. I don't know where my problem is! Maybe (...)
Car Cooling System PSU Design Related I am doing a Car Cooling system using Peltier (4x) and PIC18F46K22. 2x LM35 are used to sense room temperature and Peltier temperatures. The coding part is almost complete and working fine in Simulation. For Peltiers connected in Parallel they need a max 15V@15A supply. I have a need for 12V 3A s
Hi Why is it that PFC controller datasheets don?t tell you that they all have a facility to damp the LC filter ringing near the mains zero crossing? The PFC controllers all do this because PFC controllers don?t draw much current near the zero cross, and so when the mains suddenly forward biases the bridge diodes just after the zero cross, curren
Hi, We wish to program the PIC16F176X micro to be a constant off time controller for a Current mode Flyback SMPS. Please could you say if this is possible? All we wish to do is set up its comparator to ?look? at the FET source sense resistor voltage. When the sense threshold is breached, it is then required to switch the FET off (via an e
Hello, I'm trying to compile a project inside Xilinx's SDK (which is Eclipse based). I get the following error: no matches converting function 'MyCallback' to type 'XIicPs_IntrHandler {aka void (*)(void*, long unsigned int)}' This points to the following line of code: XIicPs_SetStatusHandler (&drv_inst_, &stat_handler_, &
I'm looking at using some of those portable power banks that I can buy for ?2.00GBP as they charge the battery rather just than a boost converter. Plus the fact I can buy them complete for strip down and reuse the parts rather than buy them separate which costs more. As I can't get my scope back until towards the end of the week, so in the mean
Hi All, I am testing a buck converter rated at 120V input and 48V output with 750W output power. The switching frequency is 100kHz. I am observing that the output voltage is having spikes during the switching . The LC filter of buck converter is 100uH and 100uF. The waveform is yellow one shown in figure . Its captured in AC Coupling. ht
C_mitra , what do you mean by minor modifications? Follow the suggestions in #4 post. Fast turn on and turn off will reduce the losses but design and layout will be more critical. It is perhaps acceptable (is it?) to take 1-3% of the output power as switching losses. It is good to design for robustness even if you have to compr
Hello everybody, I have a problem when use VCS from Sysnopsys. When I compile a verilog file: vcs -R -debug_all mndf.v +v2k -full64 But I can not run ./simv. I tried and error as below: --- Stack trace follows: Dumping VCS Annotated Stack: #0 0x000015554e279f16 in waitpid () from /lib64/ #1 0x000015554e1f5757 in do_
Thanks BradtheRad, yeah I agree regarding the drop in battery voltage when the battery is taken off charge. Currently, I am trying to observe the characteristic of the battery by using a power supply to charge the battery. The upper limit current is set to 100mA and charging voltage is set to 1.6V, but from the reading in the measurement, the batte