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Hello! I get a Verilog netlist after synthesis and convert it Spice netlist by nettran, I want use this Spice netlist inputting Nanosim for simulation. But some problems in the Spice netlist: 1. The Verilog netlist hasn't power and ground connections, so in the Spice netlist also missing the connections. What can I do add (...)
Your assumption is wrong Initial blocks are synthesized as register power-on reset, except for some special cases where it's ignored by the synthesis tool. You'll be warned about it. I don't understand the connection of RS232 and reset pin. A FPGA can have a reset pin, and it's generally reasonable to (...)
What should be the best multi VT optimization approach for leakage power optimization targating the usage of maximum no. of high VT cells without degrading timing ? 1) Low VT -> Std VT -> High VT 2) High VT -> Std VT -> Low VT or anyother approach ?
Hai all, At cts stage we are adding clock buffers then we have may have a chance of congestion then how we can face that problem? and by adding that buffers we have any power problems? how can over come that problems? Thanks...
Hi, I have a half adder and want a synthesized netlist out of it where in all the nand gates {for example} need to be considered as black boxes. I want to use the RC netlist directly in the final resulting netlist. Basically, I am looking at using HSIM for co simulation and then use prime time to generate the power (...)
Hi, I use Design the setup part(file/setup), there is three type (fast,typical and slow with 1.32 ,1.2 and 1.08 supply voltage ) in 130nm cmos technology. when I synthesis code, the result received for power, in slow type is bigger as typical type. while the supply voltage in slow is smaller than typical.
Take a step back and ask if there's any good analog synthesis, at all. Digital, you have about 3-4 care-abouts - area, power, timing closure, functionality. Analog, you typically have dozens of parametrics per block as well as noise, matching, stability, input / output ranges and impedances. Making specification (...)
I'm an analog guy trying to make sense of digital tools a) once you APR a block through ICC, do you do a LVS on APR output. If so, how? for synthesis I know you do conformal or some equivalence checking, what do you do after Layout. do you compare the CEL format with Gate level netlist or RTL b) Typ RTL has no power pins and I think the (...)
I am designing a RTL design which has a small processor and simple peripheral . I have the RTL and will be writing the assembly code for the RTL. I wanted to do a power analysis i.e. estimate the power consumption of the RTL at the architecture stage itself . Can somebody provide me an idea about how the (...)
Hi to all i have power report after synthesis using synopsys design compiler and there is many power type Cell internal power = Net switching power = Total dynamic power = cell leakage power = so i need what power my (...)
less dynamic power but more static power. increased speed and reduced area. but more issues on other parameters like parasitics.
the question is way to high level to have a precise answer - first which power leakage or dynamic some optimizations / tricks mentioned below - Clock Gating - Annotating activity during synthesis - MultiVt synthesis - use CPF / UPF to achieve more savings depending on design architecture and application for eg (...)
Hi Guys. When I am doing power network synthesis and power network analysis in ICC, I met some curious things. I did two experiments on power network synthesis. EXP1: with the standard cells placed. EXP2: with the standard cells unplaced. (...)
Dear Friends, I have 5+ yrs of experience in synthesis, Physical synthesis, Low power, DFT, Placement , Pre-CTS Optimization, Formal verification, Flow / Methodology setup, ECO, Timing Closure / analysis, QoR and TCL Coding. I am looking for a change now - either in design companies or EDA product companies. I am (...)
If supply net X and supply net Y belongs to smae power domain then you donot need isolation cell between these domains
hai friend you can refer this document , i hope this might help you when you synthesis your design you will get the total power required your total no of cells thank u
Have you ever investigated your library to know whether it has power switch cells or not, yet?
Perhaps you can code the function in HDL and do synthesis (using Synopsys Design Compiler for eg), then use report_power command to find the power consumption. Thanks.
Hi everyone, Is there a way to connect multiple drivers to a single port in FPGA synthesis. Here is a sample code: ... signal out: std_logic_vector (7 downto 0); signal in1: std_logic_vector (7 downto 0); signal in2: std_logic_vector (7 downto 0); signal in3: std_logic_vector (7 downto 0); out <= in1; out <= in2; out <= in3; .
Hi All, I refer the cadence workshops and the document said the stripes would be added by 'The Synthesize power Plan' ( power -> power Planning -> Synthesize power Plan ) . So why not use the power---->>power Planning-->>add stripes??? ,,,,,,,,,,Confused , If I (...)