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I have a code and testbench for 128 x 32 single port RAM VHDL code, but the wave that I get is not correct. I am using a protected testbench created by my instructor. How should I change the code, I am on the learning process about RAM/ROM memories, so if you know something that I have to put in my code, please comment. Thanks LIBRARY ieee
Hi, I am having an air conditioner temperature sensor for ambient temperature measurement, which value is not in linearity. How to make out the temperature by using only the ADC Value to get degrees in the C code like any formulas. For a example this is my temperature sensor chart: Celsius Ohms(K) Voltage ADC value 15 7.447 2.968 15
helle everyone everything ok. can somebody help me? in place to get this pattern test part 1 | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | -------------------- i get this one the same pattern but diagonal like this part 2 / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ----------------------- why i dont get like in part 1! the colors are a
Hello, I am new user in writing UPF for my design. I am starting with very basic stuff and i don't have accessibility to make changes big changes in RTL code. Please look into my below mentioned script and tell me if any changes required? or i can used directly in Design compiler. a) Do i need changes in tech , lib files also ? b) Also i ne
I'm having an error about adding 1 to a std_logic_vector in VHDl. Here's the code: It's a 74LS163 Synchronous Binary Counter code. LIBRARY ieee; USE ieee.std_logic_1164.ALL; USE ieee.numeric_std.ALL; entity AAC2M2P1 is port ( CP: in std_logic; -- clock SR: in std_logic; -- Active low, synchronous r
Hi, We are doing a non isolated SMPS so please confirm we don?t need Y capacitors in our common mode filter? Vin = 34V Vout = 48V Pout = 312W Incidentally, we are using the Vicor DCM3623T50M53C2T00 DCDC module, though this post is not about that module. The SMPS will power a drone on a tether. The tether merely comprises ?go? and ?ret
Hi, Please see the code below: module ha ( input a, b, output sum, cout); assign sum = a ^ b; assign cout = a & b; endmodule module my_design #(parameter N=4) ( input a, b, output sum, cout); generate for (i = 0; i < N; i = i + 1) begin
Dear friends, I am interesting in this circuit of comparator, as you see it has three inputs, the comparator compare both inputs to a reference voltage and based on the comparesion it generates either 0 or 1 , I never had a chance to deal with three input comparator, may be it looks near to common mode feedback circuit but the later one is analo
Something doesn't make sense. The maximum rating for maximum input power of BL022 is +24dBm (damage input power). Ignoring all the losses, the isolation and couplings on the PCB, you mentioned that you feed the board (at one of the ports) with +10dBm and the BL022 get damaged. How can this happen? Do you feed somewhere else (...)
Hi Can anyone help me on how to extract threshold (extrapolated using max gm slope) and max gm directly using hspice measure statement ? (the model is a subckt, the parameter LX, LV didn't work). Thanks! Kelvin
my manager has determined that we are essential started working remotely today. in order to reduce contact and satisfy social distancing, only two of us may be in the office at any one time, and we're not supposed to be in the same section of the building. this can work because our branch of the giant multi-national consists of 6 people. we'
Hi, I am simulating this BTL configured H-Bridge inverter with BD modulation. When there is only a resistor load, the three-level PWM pattern is fine (VoutA-VoutB, resistor only). But after adding an LC filter, the PWM pattern is not correct (VoutA-VoutB, LC filter), the filtered sine wave is not correct too. You can see the attached images for
Here I present a new magazine for techniciens and enginers, name: Revista Electronica de Daganzo (in spanish) the number 43 is about The Electromagnetic Spectrum You can locate it in: I wait for your suggestions and oppinions. Reggards 158363
A high L:C ratio takes more cycles to grow to a steady state from power-up. It also rings for a longer time after shut-off. The reason is that it usually has higher Q and greater 'inertia'. When L:C is low, or ohmic resistance is considerable, then it takes fewer cycles to reach steady state. Voltage amplitude tends to be reduced. Oscillations die
Hi, Semiconductors fail because of: * overvoltage * overcurrent * overtemperature One of these may cause your device to fail. * It's unlikly that you overheat a microcontroller in a way that it gets VCC and GND short. --> but check on overtemperature. * I'd say it's unlikely that overcurrent will damage your microcontroller. --> but chec
Hi Edaboard community, I am trying to simulate a homogeneous CPW structure using HFSS and for exciting the quasi TEM mode of this structure, I am defining wave ports at the ends of the structure. I have computed the Poyiting vector at the surface of the wave ports; and I notice that the value is not always the same and that for certain (...)
Hi there, Can anyone help me to find Vout for the attached circuit? How to solve this? 158357
I wanted to understand when do we need probability and statistics together and when either probability or statistics can be used independently to derive inference
Hi all. How do you overcome a click back on the diode voltage of a current mirror when you enable it?
Hi, Any one have an experience with CGH40010F transistor provided by cree company especially at the fabrication process? i am going to use the mentioned transistor in PCB fabrication, and I am not sure about the grounding of this type of transistor? My PCB will be double sided copper, and the back side is consider as a ground. So, my question