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Hi I am working on destining a 2:1 three stage uwb Wilkinson equal power divider for the frequency range (2-7)GHz using CST microwave studio with 50 ohm input and output impedance. The design is attached and the S parameter also.
I am not able to find a matlab code for finding the outage of power delay profile for CM3 and CM4 of uwb band IEEE 802.15.6a. kindly refer me a code for the same
Where do you see uwb spectral power definitions in FCC with GHz bandwidth? There are specifications with 1 kHz, 1 MHz and 50 MHz resolution bandwidth. Also respective ETSI specifications are using similar limit values. Calculating dBm/Ghz spectral density is possible but doesn't seem to make much sense.
Hi Friends, Can anybody help me to calculate the radiated power and radiation intensity of uwb Monopole antenna or LPDA antenna or any other antenna, I read Balanis but the formulas are bit confusing so........ and also when we are simulating an antenna in Advacned Design System what is the transmitted (...)
FCC allowed uwb on the condition that it must not interfere with existing communication modes. The mask is adjusted together with the power limit. Indoors there are only few other systems to be protected, therefore uwb looks preferred.
you do not need papers, just common sense. There is a maximum allowed radiated power due to government regulations. So as you get further away, you have less and less detectable signal. So you need more time to integrate the signal power before you can make an error free bit determination.
i'm prefer to use uwb... thank..hopefully it will help me.. You mean on ultra wideband technology ? Are you trying to make some RF power harvesting ?
can anybody please help me in getting the paper titled "3?10GHz CMOS distributed amplifier low-power and low-noise and high-gain low noise amplifier for uwb systems" authors are I-Chuan Chen Dept. of Commun. Eng., Yuan Ze Univ., Jhongli, Taiwan Jeng-Rern Yang.... which is on IEEE xplore
I think I need to narrow down what I want to do. Today I thought may be I should simulate power delay profile as a fingerprint for my indoor localization project, using a ray tracer. I found a ray tracing tool written in Java, called RAPSOR, in Sourceforge. Unfortunately, I could not make it work (it needs netnbeans) and there is no documentatio
Hi I am designing an uwb power divider/combiner using CST. The geometry of the design is relatively small and I can't place a waveguide port with the perfect dimensions for the output ports because they are close to each other. Can someone help me to place small ports. Thanks for help. regards
Gain, Noise Figure, and Linearity are very dependable by the bandwidth of the circuit. I don't see the power consumption on this trade-off list.
1-Why the transmission power of a TV transmitter is much higher than a Bluetooth or GSM mobile transmitter? 2-Do the following wireless systems Cellular- GSM WLAN Bluetooth uwb need to consider coherence BW and/or coherence time in their transmission signal design? please,Explain what techniques are used to have flat fading or slow (...)
what kind of block diagram for, transmitter , uwb channel, receiver in wireless system?(to over come the interference and power in the uwb channel ). Thank you
using a spectrum analyzer to measure an uwb pulse is a good way to destroy your spectrum analyzer. before you measure anything, measure the total power in something like a power meter head. THEN you can hook it up to the spectrum analyzer, using an attenuator between the unit and the analyzer so as not to go above the (...)
Hi all, I'm bachelor student and searching for power consumption of WiFi(802.11n) and bluetooth, zwave/zigbee and uwb(ultra wide band). The specifications I look for is, consumption in idle and working mode. I've searched google alot but no luck. Can you plz (...)
Hi, I have a quastion, I understood that EIRP of uwb antenna is low (40), and power density is such as noise but have shape, quastion is what do distinguish intersted signal and noise?????
see this file the abstract of this file is: Increasing interest in ultra-wideband (uwb) communications has engendered the need for a test bed for uwb systems. An FPGA-based software-defined radio provides both postfabrication definition of the radio and ample parallel processing power. This thesis (...)
Now i am making a uwb lna, but if we put the power supply PAD and the bonding wire Pad(of course include the bonding wire) on and simulate. the result is terribly bad. the resone i guess is that : an inductor(bongding wire) connects to the source of the MOS, so it becomes a source degeneration structure. But a lot of (...)
Hi all, Im designing uwb in CMOS 0.18u technology, my design target is to achive at 5Ghz and at low power. I need information on how to start, what are the different design blocks which are present in uwb, any document or sugestion is ok. Thanks and regards satyakumar
Hi guys: Now I have a topic about low data rate uwb system which is a phy standard IEEE802.15.4a.But mow I have a problem about the receiver of the system .The receiver should be low complexity ,low power consumption.Could anyone give me some advice about this?I want to use the PPM-TH uwb or TR (...)