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100mV RMS in an 8 ohm speaker produces a power output of only 1.25mW which is almost nothing. The low power of 81mW in an 8 ohm speaker is produced by an RMS voltage of 0.8V. A cheap clock radio can produce 500mW which is 2V RMS in 8 ohms. - - - Updated - - - A speaker produces a strong resonance. It is damp
The Mosfets are not biased correctly so the amplifier will produce plenty of crossover distortion. Most audio power amplifiers do not use voltage regulators.
Hi, for your OPAMP you need a dual power supply and try a 2500 Ohms feedback resistor. Klaus
You do not want to use an inefficient linear audio amplifier that uses 800W from the battery to make an output of 500W so that it makes 300W of heat. Instead you want an efficient Pulse-Width-Modulation circuit where it has Mosfets turning completely on and completely off so that little battery power is wasted by making heat. The PWM can be at a hi
you should summing all current output from the power source. BTW, what is your applications of the differential opamp
Your circuit works from a dual-polarity supply so there are no capacitors to charge. I do not see any output capacitors that might not be needed. Your resistor values are very low so the coupling capacitor values are very high and are not even high enough for passing low audio frequencies. If you use 47k for R15 and R16 then the coupling capacitor
...Another thing is to know that iron core is more flux attractive or ferrite core? Selection of core material depends on range of signal frequency. If applied on low frequency ( mains, audio ) the best choice is iron, but above some KHz ( particularly on power switching ) ferrite becomes best suitable. +++
"Advanced Techniques in RF power Amplifier design" by Cripps Also there is a chapter in "RF Microelectronics" end ed. by Razavi
Hai all i want to design a high power smps for audio ampliifier. The output ratings for the smps is +/-45V with 6Amps. I am a new one in in the SMPS area. Before this i was using transformers of heavy duty and it had so much weight. so in want to go with a new one thats why i just came for the smps. i (...)
Hi, I want to do an audio jammer as my final year project. Its objective is to prevent outsider record private conversation in the meeting. But, I dont know how to evaluate it through the experiment. How to jam a recording device using waveform generator. what is the setting of frequency , power , etc need to be set? Thanks for help.
Although the circuit is surely not working, it raises some questions: - How is LM386 different from a regular OP like 741? Which circuits are suitable for it? - What's the working principle of a multiband equalizer? How can we design it with OPs? - What's a reasonable impedance level for audio circuits? Where do we need power amplifiers (...)
1) How much do you expect to make? 2) When can you start? That's a pretty ambiguous question. What kind of hardware? Analog? Digital? Microprocessor? Radar? Embedded? power? audio? Video? Thank You Mr. Barry for giving more clarity in the question. Actually I'm into hardware design mainly of Embedded System
Hi friends, Currently I am designing USB & SPDIF audio DAC. I have some doubt about power supply design. I have attached schematics of the supply. As you can see it is +/-12V symmetrical. It supplies analog and digital parts of the device. Both analog and digital part have their own LDO's and FE beads with PI filter (...)
HI ALL; kindly help me to design a circuit to detect(supervise)the output of audio amplifier. the case is :there is for example 10 speakers concocted to the output of audio amplifier and i need to monitor this line for open circuit or short circuit or amplifier power off . what i need is when the signal is (...)
It is a design of audio amplifier based on well known LM3886 with original effect of ?Magic Eye? on the front panel. Main power supply consists of a 150VA transformer; 2x23V + 6,3V additionally winded, 4x4700uF MKT, bridge 10A
In GSM, the 217Hz is a sensitive issue and happened due to the 4.6 msec TDMA operation of the RF power amplifier. The most important thing to avoid this problem is the layout design of the audio circuits of the mobile, mainly following the old rules of the audio amplifiers PCB design (a lot of (...)
What is the signal type , cable capacitance and load impedance? Is this Analog or Digital? DC or AC? One can design a simple solution ONLY if the problem is well defined. Personally I like using old Car Ignition Coils as audio signal boosters.. Ha ha ha Works well on 20mA You can increase DC voltage for low power using a series of (...)
I need power supply for precision analog design , +12V -12V, about 500mA, In short, something like LM317/337 but in very low noise version. LM317 have RMS noise 0,003% f<=10kHz this is on 12V noise 360uV my design need about -20dB better -30dB less. Is a newer low noise versin LM317? Or recommend design with LM317 and (...)
I am designing an audio amplifier using a microcontroller, lcd. But i have problem designing the amplification section because most the design i know about is analog. Can anyone help U mean u want a power meter ? and display on screen as a number or as a bar graph led screen [COLOR="#FF00
Hi all , i am go to design TMS320C5505 fixed point signal processor board i have the schematic but i don't know how to built stack-up for this schematic which contain linear regulator ,UART, JTAG ,connector USB ,LCD and Ultra Low power Stereo audio Codec are the peripheral . to built stack-up ,depends on pin counting or depends (...)

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