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Ur snubber/clamp circuit seems fine because these are typical values used in Tny series smps. C6 is wrongly connected in ur schematic. It must be connected between power ground and output ground. Try this and see if it makes any difference - - - Updated - - - Also try connecting D2 to R1 and C4 removing R2.
The "power clamp" is one piece of the ESD protection network. In a "star" arrangement it would only protect the VDD-VSS path. In a "ring" arrangement, common in "normal" digital ICs, the ESD shunts steer current into the VDD rail and out through VSS, with the rail clamp completing that current loop. ESD design is all about the current (...)
Hi Usually PVDD power pads are power pads with VDD to GND clamp. PVSS will be connected to VSS of your circuit and contain a power clamp from VDD to this VSS. So you can use the 2, depending on if the voltage that you want to protect.
The 'big' black thing is a darlington power transistor, the little black thing is a microcontroller. What it does is anyones guess. With it removed, what doesn't work on the bike? The transistor is rated at over 300V so I would guess it's part of a capacitor discharge ignition unit. Kam1787, you didn't mention the kafuffle clamp diode or the cros
The overshoot of clamped output voltage is mainly caused by the delayed action of the OP slewing out of saturation. That's an intrinsic disadvantage of this cicruit, when operated with fast input signals. The FET clamp circuit suffers from the same problem and most likely additionally from charge injection, particularly when using a (...)
The easier way is put a clamp meter on the main line (Phase) and measure the current consumption when you want to know of the time consumption. The after Ohm's Law multiply this reading with the supply voltage, you wattage (consumption of that time) will be available. Or you see the power consumption labels of all the equipment which you want to us
It depends on how much current you allowed it to draw. When you reverse the power connections, all the input protection diodes conduct at once. They will clamp the voltage across the IC to a safe level as long as they can withstand the current themselves. They can usually only handle a few mA though. If the current was limited, you might be luck
Hello, I have a question about gate-coupled NMOS for ESD protection. Usually the GCNMOS is used as power clamp between VDD to VSS. P+ poly resistor and MOS capacitance are used to set the RC time constant to sense the ESD stress to help triggering the NMOS clamp, so, when you design this RC triggering circuit, how much (...)
h all for power clamp, it has its own gnd called gndesd. And the other analog block of the circuit use analog gnd called gnda. The question is where should connect the substract of nmos in power clamp. To gndesd or gnda?
hi all! the attachment is the power clamp use for ESD. The RC constant is 1 us. The inductor is assume 1n for package model. The power suppy is ramp up from 0 to 3.3v in 1 us. But suprising the circuit oscillate as show in the attachment. My question is how this circuit can become an oscillator? And if i (...)
hi all! how to simulate ESD power clamp? how the stimulus look like? how long RC constant require?
optocoupler temperature coefficient..Soft-start controller is gentle on loads..Method offers fail-safe variable-reluctance sensors..circuit forms adjustable bipolar clamp..Analog switch expands I2C interface..circuit safely applies power to ICs..Simple circuit forms peak/clipping indicator... eng raafat tannir
Dear Members, I need help in designing transient voltage suppressors in PSPICE. I need circuit diagram for a transient voltage suppressor which can clamp voltages up to 5 Kilo Volts. I dont know about peak power rating and the reverse breakdown voltage. Please help me in this regard. I need this information very (...)
Hi, all, i am designing io&esd circuit using HV process(18v), Can i use rc -invertor power clamp for a switch controlled PAD ? which device can i use in power rail to rail (or power cut) esd circuit , using hv process or normal process diode ? thanks
It sounds like you may be getting non-destructive latch-up. The charge from the cable injects charge into your circuit causing an SCR type action. You could put some voltage suppression (MOV, Zener, etc) to clamp the voltage to your power supply level. There are several external protection circuits that are available on (...)