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Guys.. I am making the project for the Air conditioner.. For that, For power line communication.. i got one readymade circuit which is logically correct. Now, pls check the Figure and let me understand why the capacitor C77 and C24 used.. And, what will be the value if i go for this circuits.. Let me also understand that, pre
A UPS provides power for a few minutes when a blackout hits. It contains batteries. They need replacing every few years regardless how much you use the UPS. An inexpensive conditioner might contain spike absorbers, surge protectors, filters, etc. Do you often have a momentary loss of power, say for 1/10 second? The kind that causes your (...)
When measuring AC outlets at different nightclubs, the AC outlets are higher at 140VAC. Can power conditioners or a UPS system handle 140VAC outlets as the power source? I would think it can cause the power transformers in a power conditioner or UPS system to open or short out? (...)
See A refrigeration ton is approximately equivalent to 12,000 BTU/h or 3,517 W Please notice the difference between AC thermal capacity and electrical power consumption. In case of doubts refer to the technical data of ACs available in your region or catalogs of major internationa
1. Yes, it is possible that when mains power comes back on, it is interrupted by several rapid 'switch bounces'. These might carry spikes/ hash/ dropouts through an attached DC power supply. A power line conditioner could go a long way toward helping to solve your problem. Perhaps a surge protector. (Note: The varistor, (...)
hi.... can anyone tell me what a double boost stabilizer is and why is it required for an Air conditioner??? Hi I think that power conditioner may be the more usual term, and they're not just needed for supplying an air conditioner. If a device that needs well regulated power is used in an area/region whi
hi everybody, I am designing UPQC (unified power quality conditioner) in matlab/simulink. i supposed to work out this with kalman filter. but i don't understand what is UPQC at first? can somebody suggest some sites for understanding this UPQC.. regards, chinny
I'm planing to make a 145W Solar Panel and Charge my 12VDC/120A Car battery then power up with 12VDC/230VAC 1500W Inverter...And want to use my laptop charger,and table fan and CFL light. And also I wanted to know can I run any Air conditioner unit though this inverter? Or there is any special Air Conitioner can use with Inverter??
Hello friends i am new to DSP field. i have been working on signal conditioning of LVDT using DSP. I used signal conditioner AD 698 for LVDT, but there are some disadvantages like 1) phase shift between pri and sec of LVDT, which will affect the performance 2) power dissipation in the passive networks 3) aging and tolerence of the analog co
I have this Koppel air conditioning unit where it suddenly stops functioning and no power on the indicator. i have thecked the breaker and it is fine and ON with a three phase supply. I've checked the condenser at the top of my roof and there is no power supply. I turned OFF and then ON the breaker of the supply of the condenser then after some s
hello there, i've heard that if i need to run an Air conditioner (general purpose room AC) from a generator, i should buy one which can withstand as much as twice the power consumed by the AC .. because when AC starts, it takes about double the power it consumes normally. for example, if my AC consumes 1.8 kW for normal operation, it (...)
I need to build a level translator with Op amp. power supply is +/- 5V. The input frequency is not more than 100KHz. I need to translate the input signal from -/+2.5V to 0-5V i.e adding +2.5V to the input voltage. Please help with schematics.