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First of all, I'm no antenna expert. I'm currently trying to extract power Spectal density (PSD) of an antenna excited by a well defined pulse in HFSS, to check its performance against FCC mask for UWB indoor applications. The question is: can I have PSD somehow directly from HFSS without post processing, or exporting (...)
"Given that the radiated power density of an antenna is Wrad=sin?θ w/m?.find the directivity of the antenna?".... it ma homwork given by sir .. plz anybody help me??
Hi all. Can any one tell me how can i obtain the power Spectral density (dBm/MHz) of UWB antenna by using CST Microwave Studio. Thank you.
When calculating received power from field-strength respectively power density using Friis formula, there's an effective antenna height plugged-in. It's not correctly applied in , I think. The first expression which simply determines distant power density from radiated (...)
Hello, if I have an antenna placed at an incident wave with the power density W[W/m2 and the antenna impedance ZA and load impedance ZL, how can I calculate the voltage over the load
The frequency separation in using a higher frequency for uplink and a lower one for down link is historical in origin. The reason was that on Earth it has been easier to generate a high power density while generating RF power aboard a geostationary satellite is dependent on solar power and antenna size, (...)
It could be possible. In CST MWS you can simulate the antenna together with the environment and acquire E/H/power density. You can then compare what you simulated with ICNIRP limits. You can use macro to acquire fields in desire regions. However, computing resource may limit the problem size .
power density spectrum of one antenna excited by first-order Rayleigh pulse using software pls help me
If i can get the above result using HFSS OR CST And HOW? Thank you all
Hi all; Please can any one tel me how can i obtain the power Spectral density (dBm/MHz) of UWB antenna by using CST Microwave Studio. Many thanks indeed your help.
Hi, I have a quastion, I understood that EIRP of UWB antenna is low (40), and power density is such as noise but have shape, quastion is what do distinguish intersted signal and noise?????
The presence of receivers do not distort the transmitted field very much. Almost all of the transmitted power is "wasted" by going out to infinite distance. The receiving antenna collects the field power by about the equivalent of 1/8 of a square wavelength multiplied by the power density (watts/square (...)
The gain of an antenna takes account of the antenna efficiency as well as its directivity. The formal definition of gain in any direction is "power density radiated in that direction divided by the power density which would have been radiated at that direction by a lossless (perfect) (...)
Practically all EM programs are linear so your absolute power level is moot, and I don't know of any that allow port excitations using harmonics. However there is no reason why the ports couldn't be fed with a harmonic source. It would be neat to see a current density animation with a square wave source. I thought about doing this by capturing
About the 1/d^2 law, let think in optics. The power density (measured in W/m^2) decreases as 1/d^2 along a beam, where d is measured from the focal point (a point from which the beams adjacent to the current beam seem to come from). But the total power picked by your receiving antenna is the integral of that (...)