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The current measured this way is meaningless because these lamps are more likely electronic equipment rather than a typical incandescent lamp which acts like a pure resistive load at a steady temperature. Perhaps a portable power meter would give you a more accurate result.
hello everyone , i am working on home automation project in which Micro-controller (atmega328p ) is used . This micro-Controller is powered by Regulated power supply . I want to calculate Total power consumption in KW/hr so that i can calculate my monthly electricity bill if i run my circuit 24/7. To simplify Calculations i replaced (...)
Hello All, I am working on Project of Measurement of power factor with PIC18F4520 MCU with External Crystal Osc 4 MHz and MPLAB XC8. My Voltage ZCD and Current ZCD are working fine as checked on CRO. Can any body give me given how to convert Time value to cos (phi) in C. I am doing a
hi I want to design a energy meter using 8 bit Pic micro-controller. I want to know the following 1)How voltage is measured. 2)How current is measured. 3)How power factor can be measured.
In electronic wattmeter there are no coils. Current and voltage are sampled, digitized and power factor is calculated. In analog wattmeter deflection is proportional to the average instantaneous product of voltage and current, thus measuring true power. It is done by proper positioning of current and (...)
Hi all! Recently I have designed a multi function meter which can measure voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor and energy. Now I want to get all the measure data from meter and I should also be able to configure the meter by using any software running on PC. I am having (...)
hi, i am working on my final year project which is "smart energy meter with automatic billing". it will calculate active power in the presence of harmonics i.e non linear loads(e.g rectifiers) , it should also calculate displacement power factor, frequency and voltage and should send the bill to the user via SIM900D GSM (...)
i wanna ask about the availability of current transformer and voltage transformer in the market as i need it in low voltage assembly i.e 25 volts ac. actually i need to make power factor meter which require a current transformer and a voltage transformer, each of which gives waveform out of which zero crossing point will be extracted using (...)
I have a laser power meter that currently outputs voltage in mV but it is (by the design) off by a factor of 3. For example, if I have a 3 watt laser, it is outputting 1 volt. Or if I have a 600mW laser, it is outputting 200mV. I use a voltmeter to measure the output and multiply by three in my head. I would LIKE (...)
What can this device do? 1.) Real time measurement: Phase Voltage,Line Voltage,Current, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power, power 4 quadrant, Frequency, power factor 2.) Demand statistic: 3 phase active/reactive demand power, demand apparent (...)
hi..i want to measure the power project is to make power factor meter, my approach is to find out the zero crossing of both Current and Voltage, find out the time difference and then calculate the timer (TMR0) start from 0x3c.The problem is that variable r didnt read the value of coding is as follows..
The ADE7751 is an accurate fault tolerant electrical energy measurement IC intended for use in two-wire distribution systems. It provides instantaneous and average real power based on line voltage and current. The part specifications surpass the accuracy requirements as quoted in the IEC1036 standard. you can use ADE775x
Take a look at this circuit AN1106 - AN1106, power factor Correction in power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC? DSC - Application Notes - Details
Sory, can avr465 used for make digital power factor meter?
I have to design a power factor meter , with range 0-500 VAC, and maximum current 0.1 amps, and output voltage being 3.3 and 5 volts..... can any please help me with the links to find a reference diagram for power factor meter
hey there, i want to make a diigital pf metre plz me help me out regards
I want to design a low cost digital or analog power factor meter. I want to use the output of the meter to another circuit. Can anyone help me?
Not that easy without those specific ICs. cameo_2007 you are a advance member how can you suggest this type of incomplete solution. Fiann says "the watt meter I'm building will be a stand-alone product" He will have to measure p.f. (power factor) also to know wattage.
It will not reduce your cost from the mains company. The meter that measures your electrical power consumption measures real power. The reactive power produces line loss which is paid for by the utility company. Most home consumption is in resistive loads which have a low power factor. (...)
I would just like to ask how the magnitude of current affect the kW-hr meter reading? Given this scenario, increasing the power factor of a certain load (for example, 40-watt fluorescent lamp with initial power factor of about 0.40 lagging) to 0.90 lagging, how can this increase of power (...)
jmreina, Increasing the power factor of a load does not change the KWH meter reading. However, it does decrease wasted energy because the current in the power grid is decreased. In the US, commercial (not residential) customers pay a power factor penalty for lower power (...)
You need a very low resistor value and a true RMS voltage meter to measure the current. The current times the voltage is the apparent power, not the actual power. The power factor determines how much the apparent power differs from the true power due to phase shift. Your (...)
The capacitor usually fails. It is trapped in a hot enclosure. They have it spaced as far away from the hot light tube as possible but it still fails. The circuit has a poor power factor so its apparent power is much higher than its real power. A home power meter reads only the real (...)
Hi.... I need your help in this circuit.. It should give the power factor of the load... I need to calculate the value of T1 and T2 to test the circuit.... -what is the best available simulation software for such a circuit?
Microchip make an ic to measure power factor. Check out the application notes for a reference design.
I have to make a measurement on a wireless system, and set the output power so it is at a certain number of microvolts/meter at 3 meters. I do not have any calibrated antennas, but have lots of generic antennas in this frequency band. I heard there is a "3 antenna" measurement method to figure out the antenna factor. Can (...)
Hi! Am trying to design a PIC-based power factor meter. My problem is how to detect which wave comes first. Say, I have two sine waves,one for voltage and the other for current. I can convert these 2 waves into pulses. How would the PIC detects which one of the two pulses comes first. I can get the difference in times to get the (...)
I want to design a power factor corrector for households, are there any IC's that supports correction for 220V of supply? Btw this is not an ordinary power factor correction for switching power supply.
The problem is that SMPS draw non-sinusoidal current from the mains unless it has PFC (power factor Correction). Trying to make measurements without true RMS type meter will give wrong readings
Hi I have developed some time ago a DSP based meter. This meter device operates in mono and trifasic systems. I have used the TMS320F240 digital signal processor from Texas Instruments. The meter give, in real time, the following electrical parameter: RMS value from current and voltage; active and reactive (...)