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Hi, When using Siliconsmart or ELC to characterize standard cells to generate .lib, how to define the realistic input slew rate range for the delay/power lookup tables? In practice, is it to use spice simulation to measure the slew rates of standard X4 invertor/buffer from FO1 to FO10? Or any other standard way adopted and used by standard ce
Explain to me what these 20 point 1mS pulses are. Normally these 1mS slots each have a PWM signal in them, so that at peak voltage(position 5), its a pulse 1mS wide and at position 1, say 10% X 1mS = 100mS. How are you getting the phase reversal on the negative half cycle? do you have some proper power device powering the motor? Frank
what is the power?, normally use heat sink with Mosfet not with transformer, give your application details and transformer type
I propose the new type transformer less inverter whose basic topology should be buck boost converter. The greatest characteristic of this inverter would be that it will has only one stage to generate AC power. It means that simple circuitry can be realized. The control method for the proposed inverter using the particular characteristic of buck bo
Hi, all There is a urgent question about the power pmos and nmos gate drive circuit. The gate drive circuit is composed of invertor chain. PG and NG are the gate node of PMOS and NMOS respectively. we know that for efficiency consieration this time interval should be in a range. If the time is small there is short current and if the time is la
lol.. that will never survive at 5kw. check out this thread for much better examples of real products in the power range you desire. Mr.Cool
use a full bridge mosfet ckt. if you turn one transistor in top arm and other in diagonal arm current will flow in the load in one dir. switch the other two devises and the current will flow in reverse direction. refer to any power electronic book and see the invertor section. hock
Dear colleagues, My viewsonic VG1930wm LCD monitor is display on for a while and then off. But the power led is still on. I switch off the power and then switch on, the display comes again for a while. What may be the problem of my LCD, please ? Thanks in advance.
I got 1 Acer AL1914, the problem is the Lamp On for few second then shut down. power button can be control, and had confirm the invertor BD and Lamp is OK. (Verify through another type's power Board, and force the ON/OFF signal to turn On the Lamp, it is OK). The problem is from Main BD, had try change FP5451, IC 9435, but the problem (...)
i'm not sure but i think if you apply 5V, then the overdrive voltage of the device will be too big, so the drain current of the device will be too big, and so it will pull too much current from the 3.3V supply, so the power consumption will be too big and the device will probably get hot, or even be damaged.
hi, I am doing a project in which it is intended to design a backup power unit suitable for maintaining power for a small motor. If line power is loss it switches to battery powered inverter within less than 0.1 sec. The inverter output must be fully synchrionised to the line, so that there is limited inrush current when the (...)
Hi, all, i am designing io&esd circuit using HV process(18v), Can i use rc -invertor power clamp for a switch controlled PAD ? which device can i use in power rail to rail (or power cut) esd circuit , using hv process or normal process diode ? thanks
One thing you had better keep in mind: Be careful about the current driving capability of the charge pump. If too much, the power efficiency will be much worse. In this case you may have to choose other methods. regards, jordan76
In fact, part of the CML circuit only use NMOS, should abandon to use PMOS device due to their inferior unity-gain frequency. However. The CML also suffer from dissapating more static power than CMOS invertor.