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I powered it from 1st MCLR pin, put 8mhz oscillator with capacitors into 13th and 14th pin, connected led to 19th pin and led is not blinking. ??? MCLR/VPP is not the power pin. Must supply VDD pins 11 and 32. Please show your complete circuit. To simplify the test (...)
Is "Direct drive led" more efficient than using a switch mode led driver? Strictly electrically speaking, No. SMPS are to this day the most efficient because the main principle of operation is timed controlled On Off as a mean of determining how much power goes to the load. In between the voltage source and (...)
Presently, you have shorted 555 out to 9V power supply and trigger input to ground. So yes, I won't work as is. Perhaps you try a slight modification 135932
Hello I'm making kind of a project right now. But, i've got a problem with choosing a power supply. I need three times 7.5A continuous current. Will I be able to use a 650W PC power supply for this project or do I have to buy a different one? Here's a link to my (...)
I get errors everytime I simulate my circuit in proteus. heres my proteus file. The circuit works fine when the load is just redsistor but when I add a led it goes craxy. Whst should I do anout these errors? Regards.
is 1k is suitbale for pullup operation..? Pullup operation for what ? To drive a minimum idle current to some power device (e.g led ) ? To set a default state to a high impedance input (e.g MOS logic gate ) ? etc...
The arduino does not power the leds, instead the arduino simply feeds low current signals to the led drivers inside each led. The led drivers use 18mA for each color in each led. Each ring has its own +5V and 0V terminals to power it.
If one or more batteries drops the voltage over 7 volts, power adapter input will take that outlet over The easy way to do this is to install one 9 V supply, connect it through an led to each battery. The supply is idle until one of the batteries drops to 7.3 V. Then the supply starts to (...)
Maybe you are referring to a capacitive dropper supply? This is often used in cheap low power led mains operated lamps.
The circuit is one way to make a blocking oscillator. A capacitor is not needed. The 1k base resistor reduces the base current to a low amount so it can work from a 1.5V battery. If a 5V power supply is used then the resistor value must be increased 5V/1.5V= 3.33 times to prevent burning out the transistor. Learn about the turns ratio of a (...)
Any regular power supply with 110-250V range will handle this.
Agreed, and the +5V connection to the ULN2823 isn't needed but a ground connection to pin 9 absolutely is. Pin 9 is NOT a power supply connection, that device does not need any internal power, strictly speaking is the current output pin. Brian. For more brightness your best approach is to use a driver (...)
I want equivalent MOSFET for 60R360p ,it is used in samsung led 32 inch tv.the power supply board MOSFET failure by lighting . i am from kerala ,in my area 60R360p is not available datasheet link -
You forgot to tell us how much current you need for the leds. The Texas Instruments datasheet for the CD4017 shows that it can typically supply an output current of 15mA into a 2V red led with a 9V or more supply if you limit the power dissipation of each output transistor to below 100mW. (...)
Hi all, I'm trying to design a driver for a led. i had found this schematic: can anybody helps me to undrstand this input 230, led (6W).
Hello, If someone can help with this problem. I have dc power supply that powers led. Output is 48V when leds are turned on and current is 800mA. I want to measure the current so I can know if leds are working or not. If leds are (...)
So it is not just an antenna, it is energy saving led power supply circuit. L1 is an antenna to pick up energy from 5.8 GHz radio sources. Efficiency of this antenna will be maximized when it is resonant at operating frequency. Also it's aperture should be maximized. How do you know it is specifically designed for 5.8GHz? (...)
i need a 12v 500ma regulated dc power input will vary from 100-440v ac. how can i do this please give any idea
Does it give an error message? Does it beep a certain number of times? Do you see an led indicating hard disk activity? If not then your computer is failing before it does power On startup test (POST). Could be a problem in power supply, motherboard, RAM. Can you measure voltage at any (...)
Is mains AC the power source? Perhaps you are thinking about a capacitive drop supply? It's popular and economical if you wish to light led's. However if you connect it to batteries, you must add safeguards against overcharging. In fact, it can be considered dangerous due to the many paths for something to go wrong. I doubt (...)
Parallel port has >50kB/s bandwidth easily. Your design requires a refresh rate spec and allowed latency, supply power source and led Vf @If specs. If 0.5ms is allowed then refresh rate is 2kHz then parallel rate is 25kHz x8bit / Serial encoder/decoder would require 100 x 2kHz rate. If you need to latch the (...)
It is easy to power the LM358 because it works with a power supply that is from 3V to 32V. You do not need a "virtual ground", instead you bias the (+) input to half the supply voltage with two or three resistors and maybe a filter capacitor. Then the input, output and feedback to ground (...)
Hi, I'm having trouble finding a simple answer. Can a boost regulator be connected in series to a buck regulator? Reason being, I have a small 12v dc solar/battery/regulator supply. Discharge/recharge means the voltage shifts from 11v - 16v. I wish to power a 14v 2.3amp led monitor, so neither a buck or boost al
it just work the same as the previous one. In my test that rev.2 version is work as - when power supply is on the Q1 is in off state, relay off, all led off. First pressing the on/off button actuate 30 min countdown and also power led and 30min led, in this (...)
Get real. approx. 90 " of a 5m reel at 50 leds/m will require a typical Car battery of 40Ah to power 2.3m or 160leds at ~120mA per string of 3 or 6.3A for 6 hours. Cheap, simple but heavy. What are the R values per string and how many per string of 3 leds?
Put a 3V bulb or a white led or an appropriate resistor between the 15 volt power supply and the relay coil. The COM pin probably has the better thermal conductivity to the relay coil.
Each output of an LM3915 is an open collector that sinks a regulated current when it has an led or resistor as a load connected to the positive power supply. If an output does not have a load then the output does nothing and does not need to be connected to ground.
Hello, We have designed a led luminaire with excellent cooling, so it will last for 20 years or more. We need a power supply (smps) for it which will also last 20 years, (in use 8 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of each year). The PSU needs to have a 60V output, as the luminaire takes in 60VDC and gives constant (...)
could I hook it up to my bench power supply and slowly turn up voltage and current to see how it performs You will surely burn the component to see that exceeded some specification, especially if it is not effectively connected to a sink. Semiconductor components as this do not have a body mass that absorbs he
I am using 2 watt led and I will use around 30 led for the light so how much power supply do I need? I don't know any led component which operates with so high power. I suspect you're referring to an assembled array. Whatever the (...)
"Dimmable" led power supplies are expected to work with regular triac dimmers. The led brightness should be independent of AC input voltage, the power supply is sensing the dimmer phase angle. No idea how good it works, just try.
I'm working on the ground layout for an audio circuit. The bandwidth of this circuit is limited to 2400Hz. The device is powered from a single AA battery, the U5 boost converter is used to provide +5V for both the Op amps etc. as well as the U4 boost converter constant current source. U4 is actually providing constant current for 5 of these circ
I have a cheap flashlight with 24 leds all in parallel. Its battery voltage is higher than the led voltage. Why don't the leds have current runaway and burn out? Probably for the same reason as the fairy lights: The battery or power supply has an internal resistance that limits the current. (...)
thank you for your response i missed your answer,since am powering it from 24v (two 12v,7 ah in series), i have to regulate it to 12v am i right otherwise high voltage will burn the led, if i use 12v 7 ah single battery if battery drops to 10 the panel will not work since each sub module ( series of 4 led require 4 v to ope
If the leds are in series and use 48V at 1A then a transistor cannot be used because it will need 100mA at its base to fully saturate. The Arduino can supply only 25mA. Use a logic-level Mosfet to switch the power supply to the leds modulated by the PWM.
Is your breadboard power supply module (5V and 3.3V) from iTead or seeedstudio ? I have a similar red board from
Shenzhen Hongda Shun Technology Development Co. Ltd Established in 2004, our company is a specialized hi-tech company, manufacturing all types of adapters used in various Notebooks and LCD Monitors, Universal Laptop AC Adapters, Universal AC/DC Car Chargers & Tablet pc charger as well as led power supply. Since our establi
Check the core temperatures with hwmonitor. If any sensor gives unusual read out, look into it. Another thing is the power supply, make sure it is not faulty or overheating. Does your motherboard has power led onboard? does it turn off when the pc power of (...)
hello, When you power up both PIC and display, is your 5V OK ( voltage value keep normal). If yes, it is not a probleme of max current value possible by the power source (3A instead of 1A capability) but a probleme of timing exposure to light up the led, and also if timing is very short, you must increase (...)
led bulb have small circuit inside which makes DC voltage for powering led. This circuit is power supply for led which is usually done using one "big" capacitor ~1uF, 275VAC or similar for step down voltage to small DC value. This is reason why it is not (...)
Defective RC receiver IC, defective power supply causing strong RC receiver supply voltage ripple. Strong optical interferences from led or FL with high switched mode supply might be also a reason.
Hello. It is a 13 inch LCD + led; model is SLTV-1369AP -Chinese of course. Model seems to be used by several brands, as RCA, Kontech, AMP'd , Skyworth, ClearTech..., some using other letters with the "1369" model figures. No FCC number on it. power supply is fine. Solid 12V at all times. The unit shuts-off and (...)
Check power supply connections. Check input and output voltage of voltage regulator in module
I started a blog of home lighting using common wall powered leds using unregulated, regulated and modified adjustable Laptop Chargers. CREE 1~3W leds can be used in series to match the supply voltage and parallel arrays on a string of wire to distribute. Thermal runaway avoidance is satisfied but
Forget electronics and buy cheap analog panel meter. It works without power supply and you will measure voltage instead indicate it by led. You can get it for few dollars with free shipping.
If you use a resistor, then the resistor uses up power, if you are powering just one led, then the resistor will use about 100 times more power then the led. So the circuit becomes extremely inefficient. A capacitor wastes no (...)
Buy the ebay light controller and a 12VDC power supply to light your led strips when it gets dark. If you use an LDR or a solar panel then you need somebody to design and make a circuit to do it.
Sounds like your MB is killing your power supply. I would measure the power supply inputs of the MB with an ohmmeter.
Vin is the power input, not a bias input and This is a Boost regulator with Buck PWM on the low side. 48V is the output not vin. Expect that your input current will be 125% x Iout * Vo/Vin e.g. if 48V, 500mA out , Iin=2.73A
If the power supply already provides an average and peak current limitation there is no problem to drive directly without a resistor, assuming it is properly sized, otherwise once a led is a device that behaves non linearly to temperature variation and to biasing current (particularly at the knee conduction curve region), a (...)