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I powered it from 1st MCLR pin, put 8mhz oscillator with capacitors into 13th and 14th pin, connected led to 19th pin and led is not blinking. ??? MCLR/VPP is not the power pin. Must supply VDD pins 11 and 32. Please show your complete circuit. To simplify the test (...)
Is "Direct drive led" more efficient than using a switch mode led driver? Strictly electrically speaking, No. SMPS are to this day the most efficient because the main principle of operation is timed controlled On Off as a mean of determining how much power goes to the load. In between the voltage source and (...)
Presently, you have shorted 555 out to 9V power supply and trigger input to ground. So yes, I won't work as is. Perhaps you try a slight modification 135932
Hello I'm making kind of a project right now. But, i've got a problem with choosing a power supply. I need three times 7.5A continuous current. Will I be able to use a 650W PC power supply for this project or do I have to buy a different one? Here's a link to my (...)
I get errors everytime I simulate my circuit in proteus. heres my proteus file. The circuit works fine when the load is just redsistor but when I add a led it goes craxy. Whst should I do anout these errors? Regards.
is 1k is suitbale for pullup operation..? Pullup operation for what ? To drive a minimum idle current to some power device (e.g led ) ? To set a default state to a high impedance input (e.g MOS logic gate ) ? etc...
The arduino does not power the leds, instead the arduino simply feeds low current signals to the led drivers inside each led. The led drivers use 18mA for each color in each led. Each ring has its own +5V and 0V terminals to power it.
If one or more batteries drops the voltage over 7 volts, power adapter input will take that outlet over The easy way to do this is to install one 9 V supply, connect it through an led to each battery. The supply is idle until one of the batteries drops to 7.3 V. Then the supply starts to (...)
Maybe you are referring to a capacitive dropper supply? This is often used in cheap low power led mains operated lamps.
The circuit is one way to make a blocking oscillator. A capacitor is not needed. The 1k base resistor reduces the base current to a low amount so it can work from a 1.5V battery. If a 5V power supply is used then the resistor value must be increased 5V/1.5V= 3.33 times to prevent burning out the transistor. Learn about the turns ratio of a (...)
Any regular power supply with 110-250V range will handle this.
Agreed, and the +5V connection to the ULN2823 isn't needed but a ground connection to pin 9 absolutely is. Pin 9 is NOT a power supply connection, that device does not need any internal power, strictly speaking is the current output pin. Brian. For more brightness your best approach is to use a driver (...)
I want equivalent MOSFET for 60R360p ,it is used in samsung led 32 inch tv.the power supply board MOSFET failure by lighting . i am from kerala ,in my area 60R360p is not available datasheet link -
You forgot to tell us how much current you need for the leds. The Texas Instruments datasheet for the CD4017 shows that it can typically supply an output current of 15mA into a 2V red led with a 9V or more supply if you limit the power dissipation of each output transistor to below 100mW. (...)
Hi all, I'm trying to design a driver for a led. i had found this schematic: can anybody helps me to undrstand this input 230, led (6W).
Hello, If someone can help with this problem. I have dc power supply that powers led. Output is 48V when leds are turned on and current is 800mA. I want to measure the current so I can know if leds are working or not. If leds are (...)
So it is not just an antenna, it is energy saving led power supply circuit. L1 is an antenna to pick up energy from 5.8 GHz radio sources. Efficiency of this antenna will be maximized when it is resonant at operating frequency. Also it's aperture should be maximized. How do you know it is specifically designed for 5.8GHz? (...)
i need a 12v 500ma regulated dc power input will vary from 100-440v ac. how can i do this please give any idea
Does it give an error message? Does it beep a certain number of times? Do you see an led indicating hard disk activity? If not then your computer is failing before it does power On startup test (POST). Could be a problem in power supply, motherboard, RAM. Can you measure voltage at any (...)
Is mains AC the power source? Perhaps you are thinking about a capacitive drop supply? It's popular and economical if you wish to light led's. However if you connect it to batteries, you must add safeguards against overcharging. In fact, it can be considered dangerous due to the many paths for something to go wrong. I doubt (...)