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I have a big power mos fet and Ron is about 50m ohm. The routing metal wires (metal 1/2/3/4..and via ) on the layout generate some parasitic resistance. I don't know how much the metal resistance could be. Is 5 mohm good estimation? (In my case 5 mohm is about 10% of the power fet Ron: 50mohm *10%=5 (...)
I doubt if you can do it. What you need is one (or more) RF power transistors to charge/discharge the capacitance on the output terminal. It would be helpful if we knew what the load impedance was. Frank
maybe power mosfet?? search STMicro or fairchild...
Hi, I need a schematic for a NEC LCD monitor model LCD223WXM-BK (22 inch) The 19 & 20 inch models may also be the same. In particular I am interested in the power board module. The monitor shows no sign of power and the mos-fet on the power board looks to be OK Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in (...)
The constant 1'b0 or 1'b1 in HDL is realized with a wire connecting to VDD or GND. That is fine until you consider the ESD issue where a gate of a mos fet is connecting directly to the power supply or ground. That's where the tie on/off gates come in. They are usually provided by the standard cell library and synthesis tool can pick them up (...)
What you are asking is a very involved question..there are lots of differences between between BJT and mos, the foremost being what "darla1" said. Further, 1) in BJT there is a static power consumption due to finite Ib(base current) whereas in mos we can have a zero DC power, the reason for advent of (...)
I high current application(or power mos fet ). I aften let the mos layout by finger type.and fill COs and VIAs in drain and source side. this can reduce the contact resistance . The metal layer and uniform turn on is another important factor of high current mos layout.
Hello folks, has somebody an idea where I can purchase the power mos fet TPC8107 form toshiba? In parallel I´m interested in a similar fet from an other supplier. Thanks in advance. Regards reiniheini
Here are links to sites on smps based on single as a reference, if you would like to rewind the HF transformere example of transformer for you