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Hi, I'm using an IRS 2117 high side mosfet driver connected in the circuit below 136448 Vcc is 15Vdc from a DC power supply Vbat is a square wave from a function generation And I attached a 470kohm resistor from Vbat_Vs to ground. I'm also using electrolytic caps. Probing Vbat_HO with respect to Vs, I can't seem to
You'd still need a driver to excite the RC tank and once you have a driver it's best to use it to drive the actual gate directly. Assuming the mosfet is switching power, you want a strong driver to limit time in the linear region. Though there are plenty of applications that use basic oscillator circuits (...)
Along with your 70cm of forward cable, you also probably have a similarly poor ground return. A generic power mosfet driver could certainly slap that load around, and this might help with duty cycle distortion (which in some logic families might come from the drive strength asymmetry of the outputs). But I'd first recommend looking at (...)
Hi, I need to drive N channel power mosfet. The current on the mosfet varies 0A to 9A and the frequency of the switch is approximately 6KHz. Also range of the Vdd is 16.8V-9.8V. As a microcontroller I am using MSP430G2553 which is worked at 3.3V but the driver can work at 3.3V or 5V. I am thinking to use IRF630 (...)
I am designing an inverter to convert +24 -24v to AC. my microcontroller is working with 3.3v. I don't know any proper FET driver, that its low voltage side works with 0 to 3.3 and its high voltage side works with -24 to +24. like this picture, anybody
I recommend letting the uC drive a power mosfet driver IC (best, through some buffering that can break any ground loops) which can be had at multiple amps of output drive and take 12V easily.
I am using UC 1708 driver (with capability 3A) at 15V to switch 2N6766 power mosfet (frequency 100kHz). Gate series resistor is 10E. There is a zener diode 1N759 and 4.7 k between gate and source of the mosfet . The gate transient current peak is 350 mA. What is limiting the gate current to 350mA, when 1708 can supply 3A?
Solid state relays with 10 A and higher current rating are widely available, look for hockey-puck-ssr. But did you consider that the voltage drop of a triac based relays will cause much power dissipation? Alternatively an AC capable mosfet based solid state relay could be used.
Hello, I've just discovered an interesting IC manufactured by Micrel. It's full-bridge mosfet driver with some great features: adaptive dead time control and shoot-through protection. I really want to use it to drive my s
You know that the IR2118 circuit is incomplete? Missing bootstrap diode and capacitor. Also the power circuit must be grounded.
What do you exactly mean with open circuit? Disconnected load or non-operational power switch? The latter will be determined by desaturation detector, the former won't.
hi,hellp me please How can you do driver this mosfet to switching? How can I make a high voltage pulser with using series power mosfet?(3kv pulser)
The lag in forward conversion of the power to driver may result in some overshoot on step turn on regulation under some conditions of low input V , high current load, unless current ramp soft start is used.
The problem is that logic drive power mosfets are triggered easily at 1.5V, this is close to the threshold voltage of the P mosfet in the driver which is around 1V. Even half a volt glitch triggers the power mosfet Why don?t you consider using a driver circuit (...)
I forgot to manged it. The load of the last oscilloscope photo are not the LED's but are resistors 3x6.8ohm in parallel. For now we can forget the LED's. I'm doing testing with resistors. However there will be approximately 70 LED connected to this dimmer. All connected in parallel (3.3V, 20mA). I believe it will be best to add one resistor in seri
I wonder which gate driver ICs you suggest for a buck converter with Nmosfet? TC4427 e.g. won't do. The isolated Infineon driver, yes, but only with a separate driver power supply. It must be a bootstrap driver to generate a gate voltage above Vin. And it needs an auxilary oscillator (...)
You can use IR2110 to drive the mosfets of a 100 or 150 kHz inverter. Please avoid cross postings and ask the wireless power transfer related questions in your own thread.
I suspect the feedback loop may not be working as expected. You may want to try the open loop circuit simulation first, break the loop and run the flyback at fixed duty cycle. This will help get identify the problem if any in power and feedback sense circuit. If this work, you can try closing the loop and see if simulation works. In lot of cases er
I'm trying to avoid an isolate power supply for the high-side switches (mosfet full bridge) so I came up to the only remaining options: bootstrap technique or a charge pump. The problem is that I need a powerful power supply as I'm going to use high current mosfet drivers (TC4452 - (...)
Almost all mosfets are power mosfets. You forgot to tell us the maximum current that you want in your mosfet. Most mosfets need a gate-source voltage of 10V to fully turn on (but 'logic-level" mosfets need only 5V) so you need a gate driver circuit to boost the 3.3V from (...)