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hi all, i have conflict over selecting power over ethernet connector and connection between connector and controller. i need to send +12v and data in same RJ45 connector. i select some POE+ magnetic jack connector. but i dont know how to connect 12v and data line.if i transmit both power and data will it (...)
Can Anybody explain the implication of the followin PoE IC Circuit ? --- > 117659
I'm looking to develop a driver that can deliver 12-24VDC over two wires, while having the ability to modulate the output to transmit messages. Imagine a differential pair bus (like RS-485), but instead of 5V, running at 24V. So when wire A is high (24VDC) and wire B is low (0V) the potential at the receiving end would be 24VDC. This would be
He, evereone! I have a problem. I have to create a pcb with a ethernet communication port and power by PoE. Here is the problem - till now I have used TS8P8C-PCB-TRAF ETH. This is an RJ45 connector with integrated ethernet transformer. But in it the pins needed for PoE have no output pins. Is quite difficult to find separed (...)
A recent poster here wanted to convert power over ethernet to a lower volt level. He started with a schematic similar to the TI layout. The protocol limits current to 350 mA. This makes about 15W max. It became apparent that a single buck converter cannot give you more current than is available from
that's another choice but I guess in noisy environment like factory it isn't a good approach am I wrong? I would agree! we had a data system in a factory that logged data from each machine to a server via wired etherenet. we tried wireless and it failed - to much electrical noise! we went back to wired networks!
Hello all, I'm designing a power over ethernet (PD, not source) device and I'm struggling with proper case grounding scheme. For simplicity I've chosen TI's TPS2375 as PoE manager and non-isolated step-down DC-DC switcher. In my mind PoE supply ground might be in different potential than mains ground line or ESD-protection ground line. (...)
Hello, I am using a D-Link power over ethernet to transmit power and data to LED PCBs via T568A cables. The cables are already installed and cannot be replaced. However, some of them are not working. In T586A pinouts only green and orange pairs are responsible for data and power transmission, right? (...)
Hi, Can POE be achieved by simply connecting the ethernet cable to a computer or simple router, or are special types of hubs needed to power up devices using POE? Thanks/
Hi all, i would like for many reasons (Including didactic interests) to build two 100mbps ethernet over laser modules, to have a direct optic connection between two points (@ 200 meters max) using low power infrared lasers. Do you think that this is possible or i should forget about it? Do you have any hints so i can start this project? (...)
Hey I was wondering if anybody knew much about POE. this website gives me a pinout which is fine but I basically want to take the +voltage pin and alter the signal so i can effectively switch the power to the ethernet device on and off. for example IEEE 802.3af using spare pairs Is it like f
I'm studying the ethernet devices and the transmission system over cable wire and i'm interested especially on the power consumpiot due to the binary transitions from 0 to 1 and viceversa in the transistors. It is possible to estimate how many WATTS (i thinks nW) are necessary to the device to switch from 0 to 1 or viceversa? it is due to (...)
Has anyone tried making a ethernet to serial converter that is POE compliant? Would it be nice to have a ethernet device server that can be installed in-line between the ethernet Switch and the PLC serial port without need for power supplies. If this converter is small enough, it could be used like an in-line coupler. (...)
look at "ethernet over AC power line" device on the market now, they are using OFDM modulation on the RF carrier signals in MHz over the home AC power lines, the distance can be 100meter. the data rate can be in 10 MBps or higher, For twist pair line, it should be much better in terms of distance.
Hi all, I have a setup where a power over ethernet Network is connected to a towed instrument vechile behind a ship. The length of the cable can be up to 3km's long. The ethernet extender works fine with CAT5 cable at these lengths, but not with the armored 4-core cable used in maritime applications. The maritime (...)
Is it possible to implement (PoE) power over ethernet, when using PCI to ethernet chip on a board? Are there any limittions at all?
You would use a switching power supply to convert the 48V to 3.3/5 with high efficiency. You can either use one of your own design, or use an encapsulated DC-DC converter module. Since ethernet cabling is relatively thin, it's not a good idea to try running 5V over it directly. Using a high voltage at a low current lets you get a higher (...)
As you probably know, CAN was primarily deigned for short distances in electrically noisy and general hostile automotive applications. It runs at relatively slow speeds, but with high reliability, often using unbalanced power plus data wiring. No sure about over ethernet, unless of course you just mean the cable. Interesting idea though. You (...)
check microchips site ( ) they produced a powerline ethernet. The application note may help u