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What power rating do you plan to make ?
Hy I am designing a power distribution board using the OR-ring topology. The board has to carry about 34A per contact ( and 140A in the common nets. In order to route the power nets I have used a copper pour area in all the 4 layers. I plan to use 70um copper for both external and internal layers. I have checked Saturn PCB (...)
Hi, I am Trying to build a BLDC motor controller with the PIC18F4431 MCU. My plan is to use the six step sensorless trapezoidal commutation. Complementary and unipolar PWM, to be precise. The reason I chose this is to use synchronous rectification instead of simplt using the MOSFET intrinsic diodes. This means that, at any given time, both MO
Hi I have a situation of low GSM signal indoor and I need to amplify it I have seen some boosters availble but I wanted to know is it possible to amplify gsm signal using active GSM antennas ? I have some active antennas gor GPS and GSM and they have LNA inside my plan is to use these antennas and supply them with dc power supply have you
hi everyone i have problem with my semikron skiw 700 this for welding power controller. the problem is the trigger is not function fast enough, i plan for modification with a simple trigger, but i don't have the diagram. If anyone can give me a simple diagram to trigger this SEMIKRON SKiW700 ? I wait for you all the solutions of the electronic
Hi, I want to test an LNA IC. I want to use supply of 0.7V and make it as low noise as possible. I plan to use a 6V lead acid battery and then use a voltage regulator as follows Can anybody suggest better ways? The lab power supplies that I have make the noise figure 1dB worse.
Different touch sensor designs are more or less sensitive to 50 Hz hum and high frequent noise. So you should describe your touch sensor setup thoroughly. I guess, grounding the power supply output would help against both possible interference sources. If you plan an isolated power supply, an Y-capacitor would at least help against high (...)
I have taped out a chip for low power ECG acquisition. I have to plan to test the chip when it comes back. Regarding the same, I would like to have some information about the test set-up used for the testing if the chip. What are the instruments used for the testing -company and instrument number, specs Whether the input ECG is a rea
If you plan 50 Hz frequency, then a 4H primary inductance is reasonable. That is the default value when I place a power transformer in the simulator (Falstad's). However as post #2 states, you can make the frequency faster, allowing you to reduce certain parameters for the transformer. [
Hi, i want to operate my 12V DC Motor via arduino, My motor draw 0.95A starting current. if i have an external power supply of 12V 1A should i use some buffer or should i connect it like the example below?(ignor the transistor and the resistor it just for the example) 122733
That comparator does appear to have a push-pull output. You need a new plan. ;-) You can't connect the comparator common to the ground that you are disconnecting from the battery negative terminal. If you want the battery to power the comparators then you need to connect pin 4 directly to the negative terminal of the battery.
I am looking to create a bluetooth wireless variable speed motor that can be that can be controlled from a phone. The pcb needs to be about 3cm (or smaller). How would I go about doing this? I plan on using a AAA battery to power it.
Hi Guys, I've this question. I'm using a HDMI converter chip which convert from another display format to HDMI. For the core voltage which run at 1.2V , they specify quite a tight requirement on core power supply: 1.1-.13. I plan to use a fast transient LDO for this power supply since it's going to power the core cput (...)
Hello people, I am designing the power supply chain of an ALTERA FPGA and I am wondering about which power converter is better to use. My plan is to create a power board to convert from 24v to 5v and from this power board drive 5v to the FPGA board. Then I will use some LDO to generate from 5v the FPGA (...)
Do you plan to power a turbine via fluid flowing from the tanks? The fellow in the video forces water from a hose into his homemade turbine to spin it at high speed. This is one way to do it, as long as you have tools that allow precise work. To build a spinning armature requires that you be able to balance it, center the axis, etc. His gadget lo
You will want to specify the Voltage and current of the LEDs and power source available to amplify the signal. and drive the LED current to control brightness. 12-24V is a wide range. Do you mean 12~14V? Do they have electronics included for fixed power?
NPN power are preferred so a PNP Darlington is preferred with PNP driver to NPN. Only one means square root of linear current gain product and 1/10th the saturated gain at Ic/Ib=10 for each stage.
Usually a flyback is employed for these types of aux power supplies...., but a fixed push pull can work, you need to avoid the chokes in the o/p rectifying ckts...
My specifications are as follows: 2 in phase 120V lines 1 Neutral 1 Ground So, I should use a 240V GFCI, right ? This is the one I plan to use. 23250 003-1 GFCI So, connections would be connecting one 120V line to the line wire on gfci, 2nd line wire to the sec
How do you plan to convert the 3V to 9V efficiently? Is 3V the MPT operating voltage (max power transfer) or the open circuit voltage and short circuit current at max solar input power? I assume you phone uses 9V input down to 6V? Is that a Lithium rechargeable 9V cell? I think a 1N4100 (not IN4100) is a 7.5V zener and the
I plan on using the qflowl for design exploration, but I need power and/or energy numbers for this task. Does anyone know of a FOSS tool for power analysis?
These rating look good . Does the input capacitance of the device feature in the power supply design e.g. is it part of a SMPS, in which case you must make sure you have enough drive capacity. Frank
I would like to replace a USB 3.0 connector with a circular connector and I am not sure how I should go about actually verifying that the new connector has sufficient signal integrity. I want to do this because I need to add more power to a device and only want to use a single removable cable. My plan is to get a custom USB cable made with addition
If you aren't going to add internal power plane layers and assign one of them to the GND net, then you'll have to add a plan or poured region or set of traces on the bottom layer and define them as connected to GND. Do you have an account on the Altium forum? In the PCB layout, since you don't have an already defined (...)
I have been working a little bit on a hobby project of mine involving inductive power distribution. I have never done anything like this before and before I hook things together I would like to avoid blowing stuff up. I plan on powering between 1 and 3 inductive loads (i.e. hand-wound coils about 4-6cm in diameter shaped like a ring with (...)
1. What type of unit get for counting is potential free or any other 2. How u set Preset count value 3. What bout power supply 4. Is any relay or Buzzer output after Count complete 5. Is project use for commercial level or Project level 6. What type Enclosure u plan Answer this
Hi every one .. I plan to design small GPS trucker using GPS reciver and gsm modem (sim900) with pic18f microcontoller , in my prototype board , every thing work fine but my question: what is best alternative way for removing 1000uf in power supply section for the modem ? it so big , almost all parts in the pcb is small expect the 1000uf also
Dear Sir, I plan to buy Optical power Meter for Fiber Optic Cables. Anybody can recommend good brand with good specification? THank you
hey everyone, i am working with an LTE network deployment so i have to plan in terms of different propagation losses. the chosen propagation model is COST-231 model however, i have no idea how to derive the data rate, antenna gain, path loss, noise power. all these things have values and i do not know how to work with them. any help will be
Please, I have a transformer with a 10V x 100mA secondary. I plan to power an MCU based project with it, but my problem is: 10V is much more volts than I need, I plan to power my circuit with 3.3V at most. And 100mA of current is too low, I need more. So I'm wondering: is there a way to reduce the volts to 3.3V, and (...)
Hi, I want to ask some basic question about RF amplifier GNSS architecture. Here is the overall block diagram of the here is the RF specification of its in the IEEE paper
Dear All, I am planning to implement an MPPT algorithm for solar powered battery (Lead Acid, 12V, 7Ah) charger. The solar panel is a 50W one. At peak power it can give 18V and 2.78A. It has a Voc of of 21V and Isc of 3A. I have some querries regarding the design I plan to do, which are: 1. Which converter topology is (...)
ADS ships with everything you need. Just open a new schematic and select Insert > Template... then select and place the HB2ToneSwptPwr template. Drop your LNA into the schematic (with necessary voltage sources) and set values for RFfreq, fspacing and in the Sweep plan set the input source power parameters. The resulting data display includes pre
The power pins will be added in the encounter tool at the floor plan step.
In a 20-Amp power supply, use the thickest conductor available, and connect the marked points by screws to a thick aluminum chassis. Also make sure the grounds in the AC input and DC output connectors are connected this way.
Hi all, I plan to build this power supply: I'm going to add 4 more LM338 to decrease power on each item. 4 Heat sinks: Fisher SK 88 with 2 x 12V fans, and a dedicated power supply for LCD panel meters also. Length: 250 mm H
Not necessary to have 5 planes..Make sure the following 1.Return path for all signals with out any loops... 2.Enough decaps 3.Provide copper for power sources based on current requirements..
Im going to do aproject to design dc energymeter using dspic in C The sensed V & I is multiplied to get power and energy is calculated ADC is needed. plan to take 10 sample in 1sec Has to Dsiplay energy using LCD Which all things has to take care & where to start? im in a starting trouble.. suggestions plz..
Use the same circuitry that you find in most bench power supplies. You can set both a voltage limit and a current limit.
Hi tpetar what type of batterry do u suggest that we be 0k, am try to change to 2x12v duty cycle battery with 200AH You dont have appropriate battery bank for 1,5KW and battery voltage bank is not good for that power. This is theoretical calc : 200Ah / 24V = 63A 200Ah / 63 = 3,17h (battery bank should not b
hi all i currently doing a project portable sound recorder as it portable i plan to use 2 AA batteries to power it and since i will using compression to store more recorded sound, the DSP have to be fast so how does one goes in choosing a suitable respective DSP to suit their criterias? like for now i plan to use a 16 ADC/DAC after a (...)
Hello! I have to plan the layout, cabinets, structure and power supplies of a new electronics laboratory for a company. We have already the components, power supplies, scopes, etc. The laboratory will mainly be used for testing, prototype assembly and development of electronics from low voltage to 400 VDC, 380 VAC product
In order to achieve good battery life in solar systems' battery charging should be temperature compensated but how to achieve it? I am new in power field so please suggest methods and technical papers about it...
The step by step procedure to set the batter power notifications:- 1. Open power Options by clicking the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking System and Security, and then clicking power Options. 2. On the Select a power plan page, next to the plan you want to change, click (...)
even with such short lengths at 50cm you would think its necessary then yes?? Any need fo extra caps on the far power supply lines?? Thanks
Hi all..... I am now learning the Place and Route using SoC Encounter version 9.1. But the document given with this version is compatible with the earlier version (Version 8.1). So, some of new tool functions are not described properly in this document. E.g. in the document there is an extensive use of Synthesize power plan option whereas
You plan to power one led rated 100W or 200W or several in chain ?
Hi. 1. Consider this question: Do you need a fast diode? 2. answer to your first question will lead to this answer. 3. Where do you plan to connect this dummy load then? Is power loss a problem?
May be used a parallel connection between internal power supply and battery (eventualy small resistor for current limiting). In this way power supply keep charged battery, and feed power to circuit. If battery is externaly charged or have a separate charging circuit, may use a diode (2 or 3 in series) to isolate battery from internal (...)