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Hi, I am designing an industrial control board. I am optoisolating everything that goes to the outside world (field) which means I need isolated power/gnd as well. I have a 5V switching regulator (3 amp) that powers my board which is more than enough current (this is the power for the microcontroller and other ICs that do not interface the (...)
Figure of merit with respect to circuits determine the quality of the circuit designed.They determine the performance parameters of the circuit. Common figure of merits in a circuit include power dissipation, delay time, power delay product, surface area, number of devices used.
Hello, I have an idea which I would like to discuss with you. I wanted to clean up the mains voltage of any waveform impurities, spikes etc. One could use a transformer and PSU to convert to DC and then feed this to a sinewave inverter, but I have thought of another way. Two motors from a microwave oven blowers (brushless moving magnet) will be co
i am new to dielectric resonator filters. Can please anyone help me with the feed and the excitation postion for dielectric resonator in FHSS. i even seen the tutorials of HFSS but they didnt explained about the excitation position and feed. And please help me to find the quality factor and power level in HFSS. i am waiting for your replies si
Looking at your schematic I presume that the power supply to the RTC is 5v and the backup is 3v (not 12 as shown)? You don't need external load capacitors but you have to make sure that the load capacitance of your crystal is 12.5pF - what is the load of your crystal. Where did you get your crystal from, those on E-bay are low quality and have qui
I'm talking thousands or tens of thousands of volts with the added complication of possible nanosecond pulse durations. I'm just curious how you guys would go about getting an idea of relative output values. Here is my thought, please comment. I don't want to take a chance on burning out an oscope so I thought this might work. You could
More stages can make it easier to measure, especially in a high frequency technology it can be hard to get a good enough quality power, ground, output connection-set to get the real answer (bond wire inductance etc. can mess with the on-chip rail span especially when the output is heavily loaded, like even a 'scope probe). More stages at lower fr
A typical "capacitive" power supply is capable of at best 10's of mA only. The capacitors used are physically large due to need for high voltage operation. Are there not miniature transformers which can do the same ? Such a capacitive supply has the inherent problem that it is not isolated from the mains, making the rest of the circuit a death t
Hi all, Due to a sudden change in design requirements with regards my circuit supply voltage I'm looking to change my voltage regulation on my circuit from the classic LM7805 linear voltage regulator to a switching/buck regulator. This is my first time attempting to use switching regulator so apologies if some bits of my post sound trivial. I
My objectif is to get the quality factor of a small antenna. First , i've to get the stored electric and magnetic energies around this structure. Second, i've to calculate the radiated power. For the stored energies, i've drawn a Chu sphere in HFSS (vacuum) which encompasses exactly the greatest dimension of the antenna (it is not a radiation box)
I am from computer engineering background and I vaguely remember circuits from one of my undergrad classes. I am making a simple circuit for one of my projects and I need to know if what I am doing is correct before blowing things up (again!). 103970 I have a 12V battery (7.2Ah). I am using that to power a LED whose s
I have one of the below regulators that i used with a variable power supply with a 5.5mm plug and i need to get another one, unfortunately i do not have the skills to build one myself and i am having trouble sourcing one. Can anyone tell me what i should be looking for as a replacement? Thanks
Hello, can you solve the following problem? Design a relaxation VCO for Zigbee application (78 MHz) with the following parameters - power Consumption = 5 mW, Swing = 1.2 Vpp at 1 GHz, Phase Noise Performance = -124 dBc-Hz, quality Factor = 4 and Vdd = 1.8 V.
Hi y'all, I'm doing investigation on distributed generation and mostly focusing only on renewable energy sources like solar and wind systems. In my research i have to cover material on voltage control, optimum location and size, power quality and loss reduction. Do you have ideas on what I can design for control?
I installed Pioneer Car deck which has 50W x 4 Channel output. With Rear speakers of 470W & Front speakers of 25W each. Retailer showed me 470Watt and 400Watt speakers saying that 470Watt would also give a decent bass (Inbuild in speaker) but better than 400Watt's speaker. My question is how would it give me better result when car deck is
can anyone tell me that in power applications, why semiconductor materials use an additional layer called epitaxial growth layer?what is the usage of this extra layer?
A V250 MOV is guaranteed to have below 1 mA leakage at 250 VAC. At 265 VAC, the worst case leakage may be around 10 mA, which is clearly beyond the continuous power dissipation rating of a 7 mm MOV disc. V275 would be the correct MOV voltage for 265 VAC.
We need to achieve all of these together. Only power might be a issue in low power. Apart from that all the others r required. You need to signoff with the all the above checks.
I would aim for an output impedance of <0.1 Ohms, not 100 Ohms! Brian. Many power amplifiers feed headphones through series 270 ohm resistors. Maybe headphones produce better bass when they are allowed to resonate a little.
Looking for the calibration procedure and schematic for my Tektronix Model CPS-250 power supply. I opened it up and it saw that it was extremely well made and had high quality components and also had a very heavy duty transformer that looks like it could handle 10 or more amps. It also has a very complex circuit with 13 adjustments pots for perform