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Hi I recently repaired my ups , which charger was burnt due to voltage spike, at that time I was receiving 150v to 220V, my ups run on 220v and it can care of low voltage but not spikes, when charger burnt, voltage was fluctuating from 150 to 180 in neno seconds. So I need any device or circuit breaker or anything, if it happens again, it c
Hi All, Currently,I'm working on the power quality(harmonics)solar PV on grid-tied. Basically, I've designed the Solar panel,buck-boost converter,battery storage and three-phase grid model in Simulink. However, I've difficulty in connecting my solar panel to the buck-boost converter. Hence, would anyone be kind enough to guide me on this? I've a
I doubt that "power ripple" is a commonly used technical term.
Here is the general layout of the schematic It confirms godfreyls assumption in post #2. The buck converter can remove the ripple. In most countries, power quality regulations require a PFC input stage.
Electrical consumption, voltage/phase/current/phase power factor, peak load shedding. Air quality, general humidity/temperature/air velocity. Mains water consumption. Specific operations, speed of machine/number of cycles/min/hour/shift. Pressure in hydraulic systems. Movement of goods around factory. frank
i'm a student doing my project in power quality now. i have a back to back connected coverter connected via a DC link Split capacitance. How to design the DC link voltage and the capacitance value???? pls help
I'm designing a wireless power transfer system in HFSS using the magnetic near-field. The transmitter can be of any type but the receiver has to be small enough to be integrated within a device (between 1mm to 3mm thick). I'm designing the transmitter to be a helical coil as it has a large quality factor but a spiral, planar coil for the receiver w
Heater control is generally using full wave switching instead of phase angle control. According to power quality regulations, phase angle control is only permitted for lighting applications. Full wave switching won't have problems with square wave input. By the way, I don't see why phase angle shouldn't work with UPS as well.
Interesting. As you don't give any design details, I assume that you are busy now analyzing your circuit to find out where the distortion and insufficient PFC operation comes from. Good luck! By the way. power quality regulations don't require PFC for 18 W, with the exception of lighting. It should be also obvious, that a particular PFC desi
i am a beginner to learn power quality assessment.prefer a software tool for analysis of pq problems.eagerly awaiting for Ur reply
How do you mean battery? There is no battery in smoke alarm sensors. They get power over wires. Testing of sensors is done periodicaly, can be every day, and test signalisation can be some LE diode on smoke sensor case. Maybe you have portable and standalone smoke sensor. Best way is to change battery every year, and use quality alkaline such as
Hi Guys, How accurate is PTPX power report? Is there any one having the number correlating to real chip measurement? Thanks
hi everybody, I am designing UPQC (unified power quality conditioner) in matlab/simulink. i supposed to work out this with kalman filter. but i don't understand what is UPQC at first? can somebody suggest some sites for understanding this UPQC.. regards, chinny
The coupling capacitor from the live to the transformer must be of very high working voltage, say 47nF @2 KV. Your power amp needs to have some ALC on it and over current protection as the mains cabling looks like a big capacitor - try a series L to tune it out? Frank
You should probably begin with your power quality requirements. Things like lamps can be fine with square wave (simplest), some fancier equipment and some motors really don't like fast edges (that's why there are "inverter duty" motors that cost more). A telcom 48V input inverter might have enough design margin to tolerate 60V input, and be had a
This stereo amplifier was based on LM3886 ? one of very popular powerful mono amplifiers of very good quality. It provides 60W of continuous power with the load 4ohm or 40W 8ohm at 0,03% distortion in frequency of 20
It is an amplifier of good quality without unnecessary additional features such as tone control. It consists of the power amplifier, selector with 4 inputs, remote control and analog meter. Electronics: SymAsym bo
You could use the Fluke 345 power quality Meter It gives some nice features for measuring power.
Hi, nice guys. 1. As a rule of thumb, the power supply(LDO) should be as close as possible to the circuit. However, since the limitation of PCB area, I must move the power supply to the other PCB and connect the 2 PCBs using very long cables(>2m). I know that we can place lots of decoupling capacitors to keep the power (...)
UVLO is meant to inhibit operation when supply is too low to meet regulation quality specs, or could cause damage to the IC or its driven load. That UC38xx series was largely meant to drive the power MOSFETs of the day, which needed ~10V to be well turned on, so about 8V UVLO protects that. I've seen an integrated design where operating at to