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hi Hi I have a project which this project simulink a Circuit 12 or 24 or 48 volt convert to 220 volt or 230 volt provide power over 100 watt i want to say that you have a circuit that provide my project? please help me thank you
This power amplifier was based on boards Sym_v2. Construction was to be not expensive and have a good quality. power supply was made of two transformers from slide projector, 24V/150W each. 20.000 uF was on side o
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Its nature of RF signals spreading into air against objects, materials and other RF signals. Depends from many things, If we forgot power and quality of RF RX TX, we can take in observation concrete walls, armored and reinforced concrete of buildings (there is whole story about grounding rebar in concrete), frequency of transmission, antenna design
Class A The transistor amp conducts for the entire cycle of input signal. The conduction angle is 360 deg. These amps run hot, as the transistors in the power amp are on all the time, but the upside is high sound quality. Class B In this amp, the positive and negative halves of the signal are dealt with by different parts of
My power supply went out to my vaporizer and I will need to buy a new one, I found some on amazon, but many reviewers talked about overheating and other bad stuff, though they also had good reviews. My question is are the as good as normal power supplies or is the build quality worse? Here is an example of one of the ones I am looking at (...)
What can this device do? 1.) Real time measurement: Phase Voltage,Line Voltage,Current, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power, power 4 quadrant, Frequency, power Factor 2.) Demand statistic: 3 phase active/reactive demand power, demand apparent power 3.) Energy (...)
That's a very low quality solution. Of course you won't be able to use BGA FPGA's. But also, you'll have very difficult time achieving reasonable signal integrity while maitaining stabe power integrity. I strongly suggest that you go for a 4 layer design. --signal-- --power-- --ground-- --signal--
There is an assumption before made such linkbudget calculation for SNR. The base band model will not take effect from Noise figure and IMD by analog component. Then the SNR you can used with signal quality Rho. Rho=SNR/(SNR+1). We will take the system as linear system if for the linkbudget of whole communication system. Code domain power as CDP=(
Hi , The harmonic impedance means the equivalent spectral impedance of the power system, as seen from the measurement point towards the supply source of the system and the value of it allows one to evaluate the quality of the supply line,the risk of failure in case of overload and the risk of resonance between the system and the loads. The h
Hello sir, I'm using that filter at distribution system to reduce harmonics to improve power quality. Thanks
the minimun signal power is directly related to the bit error rate you can use (bertool) in matlab to get the signal power for a specific bit error rate An important factor is the quality of the wire i.e. (attenuation factor and frequency response ) Hope the information was useful
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I think it is more appropriate to talk about driving LEDs in terms of current rather than voltage. It is generally thermal management problems that causes LED's to fry, the voltage across them is going to be their forward voltage regardless of what you make the driving voltage. I shouldn't have thought driving a sinusoid at 1/2 an amp would cause m
Hi I am trying to build a power inverter Which is of good quality like commercial inverters. Can you help with some information where to start and Circuits. Jammula.
This is the latest state-of-the-art technology for automatically regulating your incoming voltage levels. It utilizes an IGBT based inverter topology to electronically modify the incoming electrical waveform to an ultra-pure sinewave with ideal voltage and power quality characteristics. It performs what it
Hi friends , while studying power quality i came across this,sensitive equipment PLC , ASD(Adjustable Speed Drives) which are widely used in industrial automation are more prone to voltage sags and may often "trip" during a voltage sag ,could anyone please tell me what makes them sensitive ,which device of equipment or device present in them cau
If the heater control is dedicated to a professional electronic design, phase angle control methods would be excluded according to power quality regulations. Phase angle control is only permitted for lighting (dimmer) and appliances with speed controlled motors. Full wave switching is the appropriate method to comply with the regulations. You can e
If the transistor get burned is a different story. Most probably you get ruggedness problem due to high VSWR and may need to investigate this issue. Another common problem in high power LDMOS amplifiers are the quality of the output capacitors. If they fail at high peak voltages, the transistor get damaged.