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I read the quality of the sound will not be the same as an original 110V power supply built in. Why? Using a classical 110:220 voltage transformer doesn’t change the quality of the sound. :smile:
Hi Is there any equation to calculate the maximum gate voltage that can be applied to the gate of a power MOSFET without oxide breakdown, other than the generic equation: E = V/tox regards Darkseid
Does anyone know Proto PCB manufacturer in India (other than
I have to decide about my master's thesis in about two months time. Can you suggest me any topics regarding power quality? It could be power quality analysis using wavelet transform or any other topic.... Thanks in advance.
3. Yes 4. You have to use an amplifier then a detector (can be just a diode) 5. The capacitor can be any sort it depends on the frequency you hope to operate at. 6. Try it. It depends on your frequency, your power output, your receivers sensitivity, the sort of modulation you use and the quality and gain of your aerials and of course the terrain
Hello, Do you know where i can download schematics of Panasonic LCD TV power supply PCB's? I am certain they will be freely available somewhere because they are straightforward flybacks and bridge converters....highest quality but not anything new and certainly not originated by Panasonic.
hi sir,i'm NALINI ,doing Mtech in power electronics and drives ........ sir i have taken Improvement of the Electric power quality Using Series Active and Shunt Passive Filters" as a base paper for my project....i got struck in designing of LPF filter in closed loop control scheme of dual instantaneous power theory... (...)
Hi, a good quality project. can i ask you about the power of the output of the source ?
good day sir, thanks for this very informative blog, i would like to ask from you this answer for my problem, i have a problem with this laptop, there is no power only an indicator a blue led lamp indicates the power but there is no power comes in in the main board... it was suddenly shut off after an hour of operation or using, after that (...)
Depends upon what are you trying to do.... . If the power supply is a perfect DC voltage source (that is, it gives the same voltage no matter what happens), the op-amp’s output would be solely governed by its inputs. Since there are no ideal voltage sources in the real world, you have to worry about the power supply’s quality if (...)
Hi cjekanem, Sorry for my late reply... Virtual Instrumentation deals with "Acquire ---> Analyse ---> Display". Since data has acquired from sensor, work is almost done. For analysis check these two VIs... 1)Go to this location in your system c:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2010\examples\measure\maxmpl.llb\FFT and power Spectrum Uni
I don't know how familiar you are with RF themes, maybe I am suggesting you something you are already doing or that sounds obvious to you. A few things to check: - improve quality of your power supply. Be especially careful of switching converters near the transceiver - if the transceiver has multiple power lines (e.g. digital VCC and RF (...)
There is no definite answer to your first question since many factors affect it. The power, antenna design and tower height of the transmitter present one set of variables; terrain, buildings and vegetation present another set; and receiver quality and antenna size, type and height present a third set. In the U.S., on flat
Hello. I am a final year electrical/electronics engineering student, currently doing a project on using auto-email and sms for power quality monitoring, improving the previous project. Can anyone help me on how to implement auto-email notification and write C programming code for sending sms through 8051? Can I use gsm/gprs module for auto-email
Hi everybody, Please I need a help. How can I build a measurement setup to measure the power consumption of a microcontroler ? I know that it's possible to insert a 1 OHM resistor at the ground pin ,but the current is very small,and need amplification,any idea ? thank's
Hi.. friends.. I want to measure Voltage, Current and Frequency in 10w, 110V, 700kHz power line..? I need to measure this power line from 50Hz to 700khz frequency variation..
Probably a poor translation, may be referred to a power source that maintains its voltage steady on widely varied load conditions.
Hiiii i am final year student of electronics engineering...i want to do project in th field of power electronics and microcontroller..i have chosen some toics as follows: • Bluetooth based remote control for servo motor quality control in industrial production unit. Biomedical Monitoring system. Micro controller
Using a cap is more efficient than just a resistor, less power loss and heat. Needs to be a very good quality cap though.
I would like to know good method to save cadence schematics and use them in microsoft power point presentation. I use cadence on linux machine and save them using linux and use windows to make power point. I want good quality schematics in ppt. Please suggest methods. Linux comes with openoffice compatible