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Hi, Yes, for good quality layout ; you have best to make/beginn manual with the power(&GND) layers, than the Clks & High speed_CRITICAL_ lines=all these nets minimum with a short stub, than can you switch to autorouting! Thes is reality, I know, the most PCB SW vendors have "the 100% solution"; but only in theory, you will become it for long time
""Consider a cellular system operating at 900. Suppose that for acceptable voice quality a signal-to-noisepower ratio of 15 dB is required at the mobile. Assume the base station transmits at 1 W and its antenna hasa 3 dB gain. There is no antenna gain at the mobile and the receiver noise in the bandwidth of interest is -10 dBm. Caculate (...)
Once your ECG signal is digitised, you can perform Fast Fourier Transform (FFT). This will give power spectrum with amplitude at different frequencies. From this you can get the desired info.
Basically, you can use the ADE7754 to acquire all analog data, also waveform sampling for harmonics measurement up to 26 kS/s. Measurement methods for harmonics are specified in power quality standards. For a final project, you should know about these documents. If I remember right, they are suggesting FFT with overlapping windows, synchronized
power quality ANALYZER I'm making a power quality analyzer for my final year project. I'm measuring voltage, current, power factor, and harmonics. I'm using an energy IC ADE7754x But i don't know how to measure harmonics and power factor and i need to select a microcontroller with (...)
power quality ANALYZER I'm making a power quality analyzer for my final year project. I'm measuring voltage, current, power factor, and harmonics. I'm using an energy IC ADE7754x But i don't know how to measure harmonics and power factor Plz help
It’s a 2x200W amplifier for small party’s or home audio system. Importand was not only good quality of sound ant power, but also esthetic and durability. power supply Main is a toroid 450VA 2x38V, 5 units of 10 00
I need a pure sine wave oscillator circuit diagram. Can anyone help? There are a lot of circuit alternatives - and the choice depends on your requirements: * frequency? *tuning required? *quality? (THD) *single/dual supply? *Amplitude/power? *lumped elements/integrated? *......... *.........
The buck output power is 450W and the boost output power is 2160W. Is that right?
Hi all, I amworking on project called power quality monitoring. in that project i need to caluculate RMs volatge for 230 volts and 50 hz frequency . can you please provide me source code. for my reference . i am using pic microcontroller and 10 bit onchip ADC.
Hi all , I am working on project clled power quality monitoring. in that i need to caluculatinr RMS volatage for volate 230 and 50 hz frequency. i am using pic microcontroller . can anyone rpovide me the RMS voltage caluculation source code c langvage . please consider my urgency. Thanks
Hi, In the CDMA receiver, the input signal at antenna port is 1.23MHz, in case of use ZIF architecture, when downconverted the input signal, why the BB filter is 615kHz, I don't know where does the other half band signal power? and why the bandwidth of 1.23MHz signal changed to 615kHz? Does this influence the quality of the signal?
Lots of proffesional circuits uses 555 , but you must use too high quality external components as pranam77 said.A good design with high quality external components results a proffesional item. Newest and low power systems uses cmos type, but with the same final results. Good luck.
Hello, I am rather new in the analog circuit world, so I have some basic questions. I want to record a electic guitar and a microphone using a microcontroller with an integrated ADC. Both the guitar and the microphone are passive (no phantom power) . Can you please give me some hints on what I should look after? The signal from the guitar or mic
Most car speakers are cheaply made with poor quality. They have no bass and no high frequencies. They are designed for the rear shelf in a car then the enclosure size is huge but they work poorly in a normal size enclosure. Even if a speaker is marked "2000W PMPO" then its max power is only about 20W or less.
u cannot increase trnasmission power, but u can attach external antennas (e.g in CDMA, on fixed terminals ) for reception and transmission. It will improve the quality. So, as whole answer of ur question is YES. Naveed
I need a circuit (using power electric components) to convert 1 phase supply to 3 phase supply to run small motors. Also I need guidance to measure the quality of the 3 phase supply generated by this method. pls help
What is the main function of spyglass? Spyglass can be used to check the CDC(clock domain crossing), DFT rules and estimate the coverage, low power analysis and many more @ RTL level. This is very much useful to check all above things very early in the design cycle.
Hi, I need a dynamic microphone preamplifier that's powered using the power supply of a remote PC multmidia speaker sound. I guess using the shield of the cable as negative and the center conductor as positive and audio signals. No need to be a very good quality sound. It'll be not a professional use only a home use. Thank you, (...)
The requirements for the power supply seem quite stringent to me. Normally a regulator is rated at about 3% regulation over -40C to +85C. Add to that the drift due to the tempco of some divider resistors and you easily get to about 5% drift. Based on this, I think you should build your P/S using a good quality, low drift reference, low tempco