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As far as I learned,there are three different definitions about quality factor(Q) 1.Q=energy stored/average power dissipation 2.Q=f(center)/gap of f(-3db) 3.Q=ω/2σ, for a pole loated at σ+jω My question is that ,since all these three definitions are for the same guy,they must have something in common,what
Dear, Check phoenixcontact Site and MINI-PS Series power Supplies. Very good quality and works with both ac & dc inputs. Good Luck!
Hi I have to build a power quality monitor so waht i am planning to do is reduce the supply voltage to 5v using a step down transformer.and then using pic16f876 i want to sample the voltage and transfer it on to the pc where i can calculte teh harmaonic content using matlab.I am currently struggling to do the programming part of the pic to sample
Hi RiffMaster (nice name btw) You question is indeed relavent, even though, the actual range is indeed limited by Tx power (FCC regulations) and channel quality (multipath, noise etc..). As you said, you're assuming that these are not of simply wish to know the maximmum range of DECT based on propagation delay ie: data being t
Reliablity - It tells how good the chip can work into different factor of operation. Etc- when the chip operated under different power supply, temperature, interfaces and so on. quality - It tells how good the chip in terms of convincing the customers. Let say we are manufacturing about 100 unit, and out that
BNC's are typically use for lower frequencies(Digital) SMA are used for higher Freq's (RF ~.5-18GHz) One of the best (quality v.s. Price) SMA cable maker that I have seen/used is Megaphase check out their website for power/Freq/Phase handling. Hope this helps Peace.
Why is a buffer needed here? And what happens when the AC voltage goes negative. The current will then flow into the power supply. Wouldn't that cause some sort of power quality problems??
Hi, Supplay TVset from main power line through isolation transformer. Best,
These are rooted in ancient history. Originally, there were neighborhood power generating stations that serviced several hundred buildings. The voltage selection is based on two things. Copper cost from the power lost in current and the insulation quality. The first points towards higher voltages and the second towards lower (...)
yes build your own low power transmitter you can find the schematic of ciruit of the book in the link below:
Does anyone have power supply circuit that has 0~+/-30v dual output ports function and can be adjusted in voltage and current output? I'd like to implement one that just for my hobby. Please offer it as my reference. Appreciated.
The digital circuits introduce a large demand for high frequency power exchange and this inturn make the DGND noisy. A thin wire maintains the DC potential between AGND and DGND and also because of inductive action prevents HF noise from entering the AGND. However on many ICs that have both DGND and AGND you need to connect them together using
Hey. I have problem. I have two Hitachi Cm802ET 19' monitor and they wont work probably. Another doesn't even take power on and another does strange vibration when it heats. Picture quality is good until it does that. Usually problem comes when I was used it maybe couple hours. If somebody owns schematic I would be very glad if somebody coul
Check Johns/Martin - Analog Integrated Circuit Design Book. Good introduction. Crucial Specifications: Gain Bandwidth Phase Margin Gain Margin Supply Voltage power Dissipation Slew Rate Output Impedance And important factor - Noise-level !!! if you build high quality HiFi-circurits or low level sign
javascript:emoticon(':lol:') power Line quality Article
Hi, I used the programming utility from dallas, and I had some kind of similar problems, like yours. I did not figured entirely from where the problem was, but a substantial decrease of error number was observed after I improved the quality of my power supply. Check your power supply, to be 5v, noise as low as possible, and put a large (...)
u can design such deviders by CML (Current Mode Logic) which consumes alot of power at such high frequency.I think u can design such divier efficiently ONLY in 0.13um CMOS process. if u can use a divide by two first the work will be easier by 2.5GHz. a kind of low power high quality divider called "injection Locked" can be used.this (...)
The development of high-quality, optically attractive, photovoltaically (PV) powered products demands the use of energy-saving semiconductor components appropriate to the application. This is the only approach which leads to functional products with a solar generator of acceptable dimensions integrated into the casing, which can compete on the mark
I am Feeling the Fragrance :) But Khalid 2.45 Mb is much bigger for me to downlosd could you just let me know about the Features namely: 1) power quality (out put mV noise ?) 2) Mcu used . 3) Input Output range. other features ? would be really helpfull to see if it suites me or not . Thanks