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I'm not aware of any power quality/EMC standard that specifies a power factor requirement of 0.99. But you can "surely" name it? IEC 1000-3-2 applicable for single phase equipment specifies individual harmonic current limits rather than a total power factor.
The benefit of using a lossy diode clamp is only suitable for low power designs, under 20W. It helps to control radiated EMI problems.
Hi, Anyone has any repair experience with VMI high voltage power supplies? Standard models are 40KV and 50KV with about 100-200 uA. These units are sealed with a dark gray color stuff I don't know what is it. I guess it is some good quality silicon insulator. Anyone knows the exact name of this stuff for ordering purpose or any company offers th
Hi, Not much information. Please provide all necessary informations at once, not piece by piece. What waveform? Fixed frequency? adjustable? Amplitude: 0....-15db is a relative value. It means the same as 100% ... 17.8%. Or do you mean "sound power level"? Something else we should know? power supply? Portable? quality? For me it (...)
Please suggest me a matlab code to find the best cell in a cell network with 19 hexagonal cells, each having 3 sectors and 4 small cell(pico cell) base stations are in one sector. The cell selection methods are Reference Signal Received power(RSRP) and Reference Signal Received quality(RSRQ).
You don't need 10 samples for a product pre-selection. One should give you an idea of the basic quality and performance. Similar about statistics. It's O.K. if the power quality parameters show sufficient margin to minimum requirements. Continuous product quality is a different matter. It needs to be monitored and can't (...)
This specific Chinese supplied power adapter had much more output ripple than the rest of the batch. On closer inspection, the series inductor in the 2nd-stage ripple filter was shorted out. On the rest, this was not shorted. It makes one wonder how this slipped through? It is almost like a reject pcb made its way into the production line. Th
Hi All , I have a help request for the signal return current path we know it need a least impedance path for return path so a GND just below the Microstrip line works as its return path ,but when it is a power Plane having relevant power of the signal does it affect the signal quality and how it return ,and If the (...)
If the design is intended to comply with power quality regulations, it must not use phase control of electric heaters. Full wave switching has to be used to reduce harmonic currents. Review IEC 1000-3-2.
need dc power pack for amp like to run 2 50 watt amp off it what dc power pack do I need ???? Features: High power class D digital amplifier. Sound quality is very good by using this module. Two-channel stereo, 2*100W power output. Applicable speaker impedance: 4/6/8 ohm(8 ohm is the best). (...)
The graph has no bearing on PWM requirements for quality. For this, PWM rate must much higher than signal freq. and for impedance control of power the carrier should be at least 10x the upper baseband signal.
hi! i am trying to make a 48V 600W power supply using SCR here's the block diagram for the project 125257 my problem is there is a very large current between the mains and the SCR bridge. it is more or less 100 amperes. any comments and suggestions would be very much appreciated the scr that i am using is 2N6404 and th
Hello, i Have a full-bridge to drive a dc motor. the problem i have is that during a Current level change, i can notice oscillation with frequency in range of 50-100 HZ in the load current (switching frequency is 40KHz). i guess the reason is the resonance between the Load inductance (12mH) and the bulk capacitor(3mF) which makes the resonance fr
Be it a Lithium battery or the nuclear reactor of the latest Russian submarine - you can use any DC power source As long as it produces a DC voltage level that's within the operating range of your RTC. Google "Panasonic battaries" - they make quality products.
Phase angle power controller would be easiest....lots of modules available fro just that application from people like Crydom?
The RC combination is an optional power supply filter, intended to remove switching noise or RF signals generated by other parts of the circuit. Dimensioning isn't critical at all, in case of doubt, you'll use a larger capcitor to imoprove the filter effect.
RE2507-NC is a high quality and versatile aluminum enclosure designed for dual channels stereo Hypex NC400 digital power amplifier.This enclosure can be fit in with 1xSMPS1200 + 2xNC400 or 2xSMPS400+2xNC400. There're top venting holes which will improve heat disappation sigficantily. Hypex NC400 is an excellent digital audio power (...)
I need for my tests some good quality power supply. I have 12v 2amp, 3amp etc. and few boost converters. I recently found my old ATX power supply , Odeyssey 400watt ATX power supply (dated OCT 2005). I thought may be if I could repair it without much effort it is worth keeping as an additional power (...)
Hi, what are "these phone type batteries"? Do you have technical data? i want to use these phone type batteries and get 3.3v 300mA , any recommendations for battery that has higher voltage than 3.3v since i will be using a LDO to get 3.3v regulated output. Using 9V batteries to generate 3.3V / 300mA with a LDO.... is wasting about
Many PID temperature controllers have an on/off output that you can program the time interval. For instance,if you program the time interval for 100 seconds. If the PID output commands 37% heating power, the output switches on for thirty seven seconds and stays off for sixty three seconds. This is often very useful for say a gas burner controllin