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Hi, I face current limiting problem in 723 based power supply (3-30V, 0-2A). I got this: device and try to replace R5 (normaly 0.15Ohm, 5W) with standard 1k potentiometer. Unfortunatelly my pot is burning - I counted that it should
I am planning to design a circuit to get a regulated +/- 15 V, +/- 100 mA using a "single IC". Which is the preferable IC, 723,78XX,79XX, or 317 ? Can anyone provide the circuit configuration ?
Hello every body. First of all i am a new member so it is good to say hello every one on the forum. Now the actual problem. I need the circuit schematics of variable power supply, it is a kit i bought it some time ago. The kit markings are Cana kit R051. I made some crazy mistake while using it and managed to burn few components resistors.
Hi folks, I have created a small power supply based on a 723. The end transistor is a 2N3055 (max 15A acc. to data sheet) and the bridge rectifier is a VH447 (max 6A acc. to data sheet). These 2 components will get hotter as the power goes up. The circuit seems to work OK but when I wanted to test the max. current (...)
Hi there, please help me, i tried to make a power supply using LM723 which its voltage "should" be adjustable from 0-30V/2A. I get the circuit schematic from internet, but after i make it on the breadboard, the results which i get is differ from what is says on the tutorial. I get 3V instead of 0V as the minimum voltage. please help me with (...)
Here is a concept of adjustable linear power supply based on descrite components and 723 voltage regulator: For 30V output you will need to ensure that the unregulated voltage is >35Vdc and, of course, change th values of resistors around the potentiometer .. Pre-regulation can be added to the above
If you want to "play" with electronics then a regulated power supply is a "must". If you can adjust voltage (3-30V is a handy range) and adjust the current (0-2A is also a handy range) then in many cases you will be safe trying new circuits or testing components. The simplest adjustable regulator is based on very popular voltage regulator, the LM
Dear All: I need a precision voltage reference in wide range power supply ( 6v ~ 40v). Who has good idea to design the ic curcuit? Thanks.