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I think Proteus does not have an accurate model for the lm324, or all its opamps must be powered.
I don't see power supply terminals in the simulation circuit, thus I guess you simply selected an inappropriate ideal OP model. If you use a real OP, you won't get a physically inplausible operation point. Where do the claimed +/- 7.5 V come from? Can you show the complete set of model parameters?
The lm324 is very slow. The transient response of your power supply that uses it will be poor. Your schematic does not show the SIX paralleled driver and output transistors.
hi all does anyone have the lm324 schematic in ltspice or orcad ! i wanna design the high gain opamp working with +-5 power supply , but i dont have much time . im looknig for some prior schematic that i can make some improvment on it to get mine. thanks
The lm324 quad and LM358 dual opamp's are low power which causes them to be slow. They have trouble with high level sinewaves above about 2kHz so a triangle wave above about 200Hz will be fairly messed up. Any half-decent audio opamp like the TL071 single, TL072 dual and TL074 quad work well up to 100kHz so they can produce a good triangle wave up
I notice that the resistor values are VERY low. The TL064 and lm324 are low power opamps but the low resistor values use fairly high power. I agree that an lm324 will work fine in this circuit since its minimum supply is 3V and its inputs work when they have a voltage as low as the negative (...)
An LM358 dual or an lm324 quad are old but they have low power consumption. Then they have trouble above only 2kHz, are noisy and produce crossover distortion.
hi i m making digital clock using 89c51, in this clock the series of LED work on 9 volt, so i used lm324 to amplify the voltage with 5 volt signal, this output is stable across direct-ground, but the second end i used A683 (PNP) transistor, for ground (-) normal its show 9 volt across 10-volt direct power supply source, but when the LEDs (...)
I don’t have access to the schematics page, only PCB pages. In my opinion for a single power supply it’s better using a lm324 instead.
The application is based on project J31 from Jabel with redesigned board (for most currents). The power supply can give larger voltage, provided that you supply the operational amplifier lm324 by the stabilizer ? so
The lm324 (358) will never produce 0V output .. If you use 5V to power the lm324, the output voltage swing will be restricted to somewhere between a low of 0.3 volts and a high of 3.5 volts .. The low of 0.3V will also be present when the supply voltage rises to 12V (and more) volts .. So if your application can (...)
hi its better to use single power supply op amp like lm324,lm358,etc or use comparatore like lm393,lm311,etc if u want to cancel that 2volt just add zener diode around 3v with output u have enough signal to drive base of bjt transistore then use circuit like this may be help u
Need some more info about the schematic (power supply, input voltage, ...) Stefaan
The lousy old LM358 dual opamp and lm324 quad opamp are low power, have crossover distortion and go up to 2kHz. But the inputs work at the negative supply voltage that can be ground, the output goes almost to the negative supply voltage and the minimum supply is 3V. The MC33171 single, MC33172 dual and (...)
Hi there, Using the lm324 (2*LM358 in the same package), in a new product design I would like to drop the current consumption whenever I choose because the power supply is a battery. So having 2,5 - 3,5 V to the 4 inputs I would like to shut down the power supply of the ic, in order to stop the (...)
Hi, I am designing a circuit using an lm324 ( ) I am using a PC power supply to power the circuit. The 324 is going to be used with a non-inverting set-up. The inputs to the amp are going to be between 0 and 3 V and are the output of a Digital to Analog circuit I will control with my c
Have a look at this circuit: picture below .. It is very simple power supply with 0-5V control (you will not need 100mA but something <1?A) and ≈2.3A current limit (0.3Ω) .. As opamp you can use 1/4 lm324, 1/2 LM358 or any other opamp you have .. Regards, IanP
Hi Giftbox, can you test the LM358 separate to see if is working properly? It is probably blown by ESD or short circuit or the power polarity connected reverse. Your circuit is correct. Another thing to keep in mind is that lm324 and LM358 will never output 5Volts with a 5Volt supply due to their output design that subtracts aprox. 1Volt (...)
I cannot see any component values, but I think the problem is that with lower supply voltages, the output cannot trigger the comparator. That could be because the lm324 output is about 1.5V below the supply rail. So if you power it at say, 3V, then the output can only go to 1.5V. If the comparator's threshold is higher (...)