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Using a flyback converter with small transformer will give much better efficiency than a single inductor buck converter, whether you want an isolated design or not. Because the switched power of a buck converter is input current * output current, resulting in respective switching losses. A Vin/Vout ratio (...)
Hi All I have a problem selecting the right core material for 25uH resonant inductor for my power supply project. This is a Phase-Shifted Full-Bridge dc-dc converter 2.1 kW , 400 V input (from PFC) ,170V output and 200kHz switching frequency seen by output inductor i.e. 100Khz seen by primary . Since the resonant inductor sees peak current (...)
Hello friends,I am making a half bridge power converter with two Ultra fast IGBTs and a "IR2153" halfbridge gate driver IC,the switching frequency is 6KHZ and the current frequncy coming from AC line is about EMI filter is needed at the input of the circuit,there are many types of ready to use EMI filters that have certain component values
120 degree phase margin is not going to be possible with most SMPS's....standard feedback loop configurations, just don't offer that much ability to bring the loop phase round to 120 degrees, the power stage phase changes that you are compensating for, are just too much to allow you to get 120 degrees. A type 3 compensator offers 180 degree of pha
Hi, I have a question regarding transformer turn ratio on DC-DC switching mode power supply (smps). I am testing smps that converts (12 to 24)V to 3.6V. The circuit is designed by other person (without documentation...) so I do not know why he chose the way he did. The system has a feedback circuit which regulates the output by controlling
Most mosfets have a gate threshold voltage that is too high to work really well from only a five volt power source. Logic level mosfets are designed especially to work directly from five volt logic signals. You probably will not need current limiting, the output voltage will die pretty quickly if you overload the output.
Which FCC rule are you referring to? The swiched mode converter inside the battery pack will surely use a higher operation frequency than 9 kHz to fit the case with acceptable efficiency (e.g. several 100 kHz). This shouldn't be a problem with state-of-the-art power supply filtering. On the other hand, a converter (...)
I am trying to build a battery powered inverter that takes 13-17volts DC from a lithium battery and outputs 120V modified sine wave AC I tried building the Inverter using a SG3525 that is featured on Tahmid's blog here I am having alot of trouble getting it to work right, The outpu
hi. I have to simulate a "Non-Linear Carrier (NLC) Controller" in matlab simulink. in one part of my simulation, I have to simulate a "switching power converter" similar to the attachment. this converter "gives is(t) current" by using the "c(t) signal as it's driver". how implement this "switching (...)
If you use an amp you may need another power for it. You may consider going for a 20 or higher supply.
Hi Friends i want to make an power supply of 120 V . I rectified 220 AC and used a buck converter after it to bring down voltage to 120 V . Now if i put a load on it its voltage come down and can't drive load . Where can be problem ?
Depending on power requirements, for low power, a Charge Pump and for high power a Cuk converter are two approaches.
Hi everyone. I want to make a transformer myself. I using the following application note my input voltage is similar that is in this application note, that is 130VDC to 800VDC. output voltage = 12VDC 2Amp. i tried to make myself by using the calculation, and it is working too but the problem i m facing is in snubber circuit. i have used 300
I am designing a DC-DC converter for impedance matching of my piezoelectric energy harvester with flyback converter. The switching frequency of the dc-dc converter is about 1kHz. The voltage is around 20V and current is about 2mA. I made a transformer using EPCOS EFD 20/10/17 B66417U0160K187 core with air gap. It has one (...)
For high efficient DC/DC converter push-pull type converter is the most suitable for low power segment. But in this type of converter, noise produces due to high frequency switching even the transformer is winded the best. This noise create harmful effects in micro-controller circuits such as ADC. Now how (...)
Page 7 (LHS) of the following (below) article is totally wrong, do you agree? It says that regarding active clamp forward converters, ?With sufficiently fast gate drive, the turn off of Q1 can be virtually lossless.? (Q1 being the main power mosfet). This is impossible, current cannot suddenly go to zero in Q1 and cannot immediately diver
Hello! If you connected your BT module directly to 9V, it's probably dead. What you need is a voltage regulator. If you want to save energy, don't use a linear, but a switching (buck) converter. If you use a linear converter, you will loose 2/3 of the battery power. Dora.
Good day to all, Please I need your support and guide on how to get the required current to my circuit.The power supply I intend to use has a switching regulator (RT8289GSP ) with output voltage of 5V/5A(based on the current configuration of the switching regulator-application note from datasheet).However the total current consumed by my (...)
How do nowadays solves your power to drive the smallest, cheapest and most effective? Input voltage Vin 11V - 27V Outut voltage: Vout +5V,-5V,+15V, +3,3V Output power max 5W, most of the time <0.5W
Hello there can any one help me to determine the output voltage for a H-bridge (4_MOSFET) dc-ac converter in function of the switching frequency;I want to use 25KHZ as H-bridge switching frequency ,the power supply is 400VDC,I want to get the output of 220VAC. Please can you help??