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Leakage is measured in Watt. Why Dynamic power is measured in Joule ? (Watt * Time ).
power Performance Area I think now is the good time to look at the product documentation .. for syntactical help It will vary from product to product
1-The liberty is not usable for digital simulation. The liberty is atiming/area/cap/trans/power information's for synthesis/PnR/STA tools. 2-The liberty format is describe here .
During the RTL, the VDD/VSS ports is not necessary to be here. It will be added during the floorplan phase, when the power information is added. Also when you used a UPF/CPF flow, the power ports are only added at the floorplan phase, instead there are known from a "functional" point of view via the UPF/CPF.
i have get this resulte after synthesis Cell Leakage power more than Total Dynamic power , is that normal Cell Internal power = 19.8773 nW (23%) Net Switching power = 65.3011 nW (77%) --------- Total Dynamic power = 85.1783 nW (100%) (...)
Commands look OK. (Although you don't really need the ;'s and list command) You say there are lots of libraries, are you sure you selected the right one? If you open the .lib in a text editor, can you see the basic gates you would expect? i.e. FFs, nand, nor etc? Or have you selected something like a clock gating or power gating library only?
If you can meet timing/power in prelayout, use all HVT then. Otherwise use mix mode, some time back end would be pissed off if you give them netlist not meeting timing.
Well, the .lib file will only give you an estimate of timing/power/leakage after synthesis. It will give you an estimate of area, but to get a complete picture you do need layouts of the standard cells and need to go through complete place and route. I believe that the Nangate 45nm was created using ASU PTM 45nm model files and NCSU OpenPDK layout,
We need to achieve all of these together. Only power might be a issue in low power. Apart from that all the others r required. You need to signoff with the all the above checks.
Hi, I am comparing Plain synthesis Netlist vs Low power synthesis Netlist( i have only used clock gating low power technique). I am using Cadence Tools. i find that there are unmapped points in Low power netlist ( Red coloured "U") which is of clock gating as shown in the attachment. Should i ignore (...)
Hi guys, Ive designed 5 models of squarers and wish to compare propagation delay, area and power consumption. For delay, is putting a marker at input and then at stable output and getting the difference the correct way of doing this. Also, what is maximum combinational delay which is given in the synthesis report. Area, is number of slices and L
Liberty file contains a simplest timing view (simple versus spice), functionality description, power information for the std cell and any macros you need. I will say all synthesis tools must have this one to be able to transform a RTL code into netlist. And also the liberty must contains at least a flop and a AND gate.
Hello, I have a strange problem on mind....While doing logic synthesis, how does the input switching activity profile impact the output of a synthesis tool. Put in another way, can I develop a synthesis tool that would give me the most optimized netlist for a given input pattern such that the power consumption is the (...)
I am not sure if DC can be used for power estimation -- i think power compiler is the one .. not sure. Well it will read the vcd file and after synthesis it will report more accurate dynamic power - but no estimation here i feel.
Hello! I get a Verilog netlist after synthesis and convert it Spice netlist by nettran, I want use this Spice netlist inputting Nanosim for simulation. But some problems in the Spice netlist: 1. The Verilog netlist hasn't power and ground connections, so in the Spice netlist also missing the connections. What can I do add the connections during
Your assumption is wrong Initial blocks are synthesized as register power-on reset, except for some special cases where it's ignored by the synthesis tool. You'll be warned about it. I don't understand the connection of RS232 and reset pin. A FPGA can have a reset pin, and it's generally reasonable to implement it. A RS232 module should be a
in general the logic 1 or 0 should be replaced by tie cell 1 or 0. Some technologies accepte to directly connect to the power net, but some other avoid that to respect the ERC.
What should be the best multi VT optimization approach for leakage power optimization targating the usage of maximum no. of high VT cells without degrading timing ? 1) Low VT -> Std VT -> High VT 2) High VT -> Std VT -> Low VT or anyother approach ?
Hai all, At cts stage we are adding clock buffers then we have may have a chance of congestion then how we can face that problem? and by adding that buffers we have any power problems? how can over come that problems? Thanks...
Hi, I have a half adder and want a synthesized netlist out of it where in all the nand gates {for example} need to be considered as black boxes. I want to use the RC netlist directly in the final resulting netlist. Basically, I am looking at using HSIM for co simulation and then use prime time to generate the power numbers. Unfortunately, for