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Hi, POSE power Optimization and synthesis Environment 1. -> t tnx
Hi, my dear friends. I use a multiplier in a circuits, and i found it still works in idle state that can consume huge power. Now i want to reduce its unnecesssary activity to reduce the power consume. Can i use operand isolation method? And more i use synopsys 2003.06 UNIX version to synthesis my design. Can you have some good (...)
Hello everyone, I met a problem about the differential delay buffer, which uses for Ring VCO. The structure of the buffer is just as the figure. From the paper--R.J. Betancourt-Zamora, T.H. Lee, ?CMOS VCOs for Frequency synthesis in Wireless Biotelemetry?, Int?l Symp. Low power Electronics & Design, pp. 91-93, August 1998.--I know the buffer
I used the MC3362DW but unfortunately this chip does not exists anymore.. How would one construct a narrowband FM crystal driven receiver ? (1.8 to 5 volts power supply) Any suggestions welcome. 8) Why is double posting occured ?? I don't know ! Anyways even with a PLL as frequency synthesis.. I still would be happy.. Anoying this double
low-power design is not achieved olny just through EDA tools. I have used the powerCompiler, but it is not proved a good way to low-power design!
clock tree affects the delay & propagation of the signal and the clock signal itself. Consequently, it affect the timing of the circuit. If the timing is incorrect, the circuit will definitely not working. It also determines the power consumption of chip.. Clock tree will take 30-50 % of the total chip power. Also unbalan
BlastRTL is a synthesis tool, blast fusion is a P&R. There is also BlastRail for the rail and power analysis, blastPlan for the hierarchical flow, signal integrity features are integrated as well. Why the same GUI ? The tool uses the same database, the same timing engine, the same command structure, so one tool, one GUI.
I am trying to design a MCU with gated clock to save the power . I have no idea about how to write the script to synthesis my chip Because the AND or NAND gate used to gate the clock has a long delay but it not make sense since the clock tree has not been created . The Clock tree will be created by P&R tool and the delay of these gate used
Hi all here is the Microsoft power pont presentation for RTL synthesis. -avinashr :P
Hi PPP is a Web-based environment for Low-power Design. Its Graphic User Interface is a set of dynamically generated HTML pages that can be accessed through any Web-browser. Three sets of tools are available: synthesis for low-power, power Optimization and power Simulation. File Transfer utilities are (...)