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If the design is intended to comply with power quality regulations, it must not use phase control of electric heaters. Full wave switching has to be used to reduce harmonic currents. Review IEC 1000-3-2.
Hello, i Have a full-bridge to drive a dc motor. the problem i have is that during a Current level change, i can notice oscillation with frequency in range of 50-100 HZ in the load current (switching frequency is 40KHz). i guess the reason is the resonance between the Load inductance (12mH) and the bulk capacitor(3mF) which makes the resonance fr
I'm designing a wireless power transfer system in HFSS using the magnetic near-field. The transmitter can be of any type but the receiver has to be small enough to be integrated within a device (between 1mm to 3mm thick). I'm designing the transmitter to be a helical coil as it has a large quality factor but a spiral, planar coil for the (...)
What can this device do? 1.) Real time measurement: Phase Voltage,Line Voltage,Current, Active power, Reactive power, Apparent power, power 4 quadrant, Frequency, power Factor 2.) Demand statistic: 3 phase active/reactive demand power, demand apparent power 3.) Energy (...)
There is an assumption before made such linkbudget calculation for SNR. The base band model will not take effect from Noise figure and IMD by analog component. Then the SNR you can used with signal quality Rho. Rho=SNR/(SNR+1). We will take the system as linear system if for the linkbudget of whole communication system. (...)
Hi , The harmonic impedance means the equivalent spectral impedance of the power system, as seen from the measurement point towards the supply source of the system and the value of it allows one to evaluate the quality of the supply line,the risk of failure in case of overload and the risk of resonance between the (...)
Hi, a good quality project. can i ask you about the power of the output of the source ?
Hiiii i am final year student of electronics engineering...i want to do project in th field of power electronics and microcontroller..i have chosen some toics as follows: • Bluetooth based remote control for servo motor quality control in industrial production unit. Biomedical Monitoring system. Micro (...)
""Consider a cellular system operating at 900. Suppose that for acceptable voice quality a signal-to-noisepower ratio of 15 dB is required at the mobile. Assume the base station transmits at 1 W and its antenna hasa 3 dB gain. There is no antenna gain at the mobile and the receiver noise in the bandwidth of interest is -10 dBm. Caculate (...)
It’s a 2x200W amplifier for small party’s or home audio system. Importand was not only good quality of sound ant power, but also esthetic and durability. power supply Main is a toroid 450VA 2x38V, 5 units of 10 00