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Perhaps you want an instantaneous cut-off when the set current limit is exceeded; it is not meaningful to involve the power or wattage at this point. A conventional triac cannot be turned-off for the remaining half-cycle. We obviously need another fast switch. Mechanical switches (like relays) are too slow to act in (...)
if relay is used or any other switch in my home is operated, the bulb connected to the triac flashes once Please, tell me that the 5V suppying the relay coil is NOT the same used to power the microcontroller.
No way. You can't use triacs with PWM. You need zero crossing circuit to sync with AC phase and switch triac every 10ms after curresponding delay, which will adjust the power.
i want psim circuit for this topic ...please help me
I tried to simulate triac Dimmable Single-switch Electronic Ballast With power Factor Correction and Lamp power Regulation but did not get proper outputs.Someone please help with the Simulation in matlab.
I am making a solid state relay using mox3040 zero cross detection and BTA12-600 triac, The purpose of this Project is to switch the power source on failure in minimum possible time, For failure detection, I am using ADC of 18f452, by sampling whether the power is fail or not , In general we know that its best to (...)
use IR receiver(TMFT) for receiving signal,by using your TV,DVD remote for ll help you to turn on and off your device. The triac could be connected to the light switch. If the switch is off, no power to the light, If thee switch is on, the triac is ready for a gate voltage from the 'rem
Hi Friends i'm in need of circuit which should switch (Hot switching NOT neutral) 2500 watts inductive load from micro controller. Please explain about when and where to use snubberless triacs. What current rating triac should i use for the specified load. Thanks in advance.
Hello! You need to tell us more. Especially, "the current has to flow in 2 directions". Usually, you have one power supply, (in this case with 5V output) and the current flows from this power supply to some kind of load. Do you need a switch between the power supply and the load, and this switch triggered (...)
I think the 150Hz refers to the maximum switching speed, not the 600V frequency. The 600V is DC according to the diagram, am I correct? If so, a triac won't turn off. How about an IGBT? For instance, the NGTB15N120FL from OnSemi, or a power MOSFET, e.g. the NDD03N80Z from OnSemi. I like OnSemi! Do you really need to (...)
what does it mean by TRAFO ? It's a short version of 'Transformer', I'm not sure where it originated but I wish the proper name was used. sw1 close positive trigger >> half power sw2 close negative trigger >> half power sw1 & sw2 full power One switch makes the triac fire on one half cycle, the other (...)
I previously mentioned some manufacturers of GaAs switches. They have switches up to 10W power handling, which should be sufficient for the said voltage level. There are however some unclear points, e.g. switching speed or if DC capability is required. RF relays are probably the most simple solution.
It sounds as though you're talking about an automatic transfer switch. It will make it safe to power your home using a generator when street power blacks out. You'd do best to install a switch (or relay) that will ensure there can be absolutely no electrical contact between your generator and incoming street (...)
Subject says it all, really. I am a little out-of-my-league when it comes to triacs and SCRs. The power supply is a square wave and I cannot get the triac to turn off. I suspect it has to do with the fact there is no zero-crossing or that the load is capacitive but don't know how to fix it. Here's the circuit: [url=images.elektrod
Hello I am a design engineer and I have a problem with X2 as well as Y2 film capacitors failing in one of my products. This is a 3 phase application and the capacitors are connected from from each phase to neutral (X2) and from each phase to earth (Y2). There are also other X2 capacitors used in the circuit, some on a filter application with
I simply assumed, that you have a standard SCR or triac as power switch. For obvious reasons, none of the techniques with switch-off capability is used for heater control normally. As another point, newer EMC regulations don't allow phase control for heating applications, their usage is only granted for lighting and (...)
using the triac is advantageous in many respects. switching time is faster. relay takes few mSecs to switch during which time there will not be any power to load. if the triac circuitry is made properly with all precautions then no problem with it. srizbf 4thjune2010 Added after 18 minutes: ple
can anybody tell me whether triac can be used to switch capacitor (1-ph) to power line to control power factor.
hello everyone, I need a circuit diagram of a simple FET switch (specially MOSFET). Actually I want to control a 220V 500Watt AC Lamp. The circuit i need that simply ON/OFF the Lamp with push botton. thanks.
AC power source of 12 Volts, relays are enough, optocouplers can do also.