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I am trying to understand how the spectrum analyser in SIMULINK (MATLAB) works, by simulating a model which inputs a simple cosine wave into the spectrum analyser and then observing the power spectrum on the analyser. I have set the window function in the anayser to RECTANGULAR and the sampling frquency to 20 times the frequency of the cosine wave.
Add another AC voltage source in series with the power supply source.
Hi, I have Designed a 3phase 4wire smps with neutral. The output of the SMPS is 12v 1Amps. When there is no neutral i want my smps output to go off. I achieved this by altering the diode bridge rectifier arrangement. But there is a capacitive power supply that shares the input of 3phase 4wire smps which is used for sensing phase presesnc
I presume it's o.k. for a basic power analyzer project to restrict the analysis to e.g. 9th harmonic. Using a higher sampling rate than 1080 is however appropriate. I'm not familiar with Arduino libraries but assume a higher timer based rate should be possible.
Hi, Its related to .lib modelling of memory block. I have two power down pins. These are asynchronous pins in nature. ________ A__/ \______________ _______________ B__/ \_______ There is a recovery window of 10us from falling edge of A to falling edge of B. Question is : Does this needs to
Check this. It is an adaptor for PICKit2/3 to ICD2/3. You need this adaptor and a RJ11 to RJ11 cable. Then plug PICKit3 to ICSP connector and then connect one side of RJ11 cable to RJ11 of adaptor and other side of RJ11 cable to ICD2/3 connector on EasyPIC v7 bo
Hi All, This is my first ADC and verifying it is proving to be more difficult then actually designing the sub-blocks. I have been able to do a transient simulation in cadence ( Spectre) and have successfully imported the data into matlab. This is where I'm encountering most of my HEADACHE. 1) I'm new at matlab 2)All of the fft example
With "oversampling", you mean duplicating each data point? That will hardly give an advantage, just generates additional noise power. Instead, you would want to interpolate the original sequence when changing the sample rate.
Hi I'm looking for a motor with a worm gear for a monitor leveling application. I thought that a power window motor would be a good choice for it. I tried to drive a Chrysler power window 3.3A motor with different drivers (including a 50A one) in both direction
Hi my friends i have a problem in add strip in 45 nm tech when i add strip i see this warning in shell window " **WARN: (ENCPP-2008): AddStripe option -remove_floating_stripe_over_block is ON so all fragmented stripes within a block will be removed. To turn OFF, setAddStripeOption -remove_floating_stripe_over_block 0. Starting stripe ge
hi, A quad LM339 comparator would give you 4 ' threshold, window' levels, the LM339 output is o/c and it can sink ~6mA, enough to power the LED indicators. E
I think you'd find it easiest to insert a trivial resistor (one that will not change operation, or bother LVS later) in series between the subcircuit external power port, and the internal power node. Then you can probe that. I think it could be tough to get the summation by specifying all of the devices, and keep that current if you are still in
Hello, I have doubt regarding the relation between Input power, Voltage , Current and Impedance values in main window of 4nec2 . The values obtained obeys the equation V = I*Z but it does not obey the equation P = 2*V*I or P = 2*I^2*Z. Am I missing something ? Thanks,
Hi, How could I design circuit breaker operates when source voltage is between 200 to 250 otherwise it cut the power source automatically, and operate again when voltage is in range. to protect devices. thanks
Hi I am trying to extend the range of a garage door remote transmitter. It is one of the older styles with the dip switch on the back to key in the code, 300 MHz analog. I don?t know enough about RF so I came for help. So far after checking out the circuit I added an external an
im using keil mdk arm to create a application for probem is that when i simulate and single step using f11 the registers in peripheral window do not update i dont know why suppose i single step through this instruction LPC_SC->PCONP |= ( 1 << 15 ); // power up GPIO Pconp register shows 0x00 :!:
A cell phone with enough power to cook your brain can easily interfere with the electronics in a car. Maybe the car designer does not have a cell phone?
I would assume the first stage acts as an AC amplifier, thus C2 removing the DC component. Otherwise stated - by C2 you don't need an offset voltage at the input of this amplifier because the opamps are not powered with + and - voltage. IC1b, IC1C and IC1D operate as a window comparator, IC1B introducing the 1/2 power DC offset.
Hello Could anyone tell me, when we do the static and dynamic power simulations for an inverter which are the options to be checked in the Save options window(pls check the image attached ), in the OUTPUT section of the Analog Design Environment?88351 Thanks
Hello dileep, Integrate vdd for a specific timing window when the output has settled down. this will give yo leakge power for that timing window. you can divide the value with time difference of the window to get the leakage current. For ELDO the integration can not done using int_wave command