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If the microphone can hear the speaker then you will have acoustical feedback howling. Start with the microphone. Is it an electret type that has a Jfet inside and it needs to be powered or is it a dynamic type with a coil and magnet like a small speaker? The mic needs a low noise preamp. An LM386 is not low noise and is not a preamp, it is (...)
I'm currently designing a little musical birthday card, and I've finished the SD Card/FAT/WAV code in my STM32. I still need to write the LED part of the code, but I've started thinking ahead to the hardware and power setup. For the proof of concept I used a little TI headphone amp chip (since I had it at home) powered from the 3v3 micro control
EDIT: A piezo beeper is a piezo transducer with a transistor oscillator inside. The transducer beeps when the oscillator is powered by a DC voltage. The output of the 555 produces a buzzing tone when there is light. The 555 in the circuit is overloaded by most low impedance
Hi, I would like to build the following: - an MP3 Player - powered by a solar panel - external speakers which ( 22khz is needed ) - the whole device needs to be as small as possible. Aim: I am using audio subliminal messages; they work really well. I need this MPE circuit in order to play these messages on a loop powerded by solar
This looks like a fountain which is lit up and responds to music: The water jets look as though they might be powered by a diaphragm between the water compartment and the speaker enclosure. When you watch one video, Youtube displays a list of related videos. Perhaps one of those will be a tutorial sho
Hello, The Amplifier Head unit that you see from 10 seconds onward (sitting on top of the speaker) on this video weighs 22 pounds, and is 100W (it contains a Class D amplifier...but is it likely to contain an SMPS or a mains transformer to supply the Class D amplifier? Its a Bla
I am trying to record audio from the Usb powered GSM Modem's Audio Out Pin using my PC. I have used a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack feeding Modem's Audio to the PC Mic interface. But I am hearing the EMI noise that usually generated when you bring your mobile in a call to an unsheilded speaker system. The system works well when I attach my mobile hand
An electret mic needs to be powered properly. Its output is about only 10mV into a 10k or more load. You probably need a preamp circuit to amplify its output level.
Connect a resistor in series to the speaker to get a current less than 0.5A. The value of the resistor would depend on the volage the 555 is powered with. Try around 50 Ohms
hello all we developed a series of small pakcage class D audio amplifier modules. VMA2012 is the first type. It can be powered by battery (2.7V-5.5V). The max output power on 8Ohm speaker is 3Wx2, rally awsome! No external component needed to build a small amplifier with VMA2012. The size is only 0.6"x0.7"x0.15". Effeciency is up to 88%. atta
It’s a garbage project. I even didn’t buy a condensers. Two perun endings in bridges conection, powered from transformer 0,4kW. Filtration about 42000uF per power branch. speaker needs a lot of watts that’s why
Usually a small signal is transmitted that turns on a circuit that is powered from the power supply for the receiver, not powered from the transmitter. Like a radio. The radio receives an extremely small signal that controls how much power from its battery or from its power supply drives its speaker.
Hi, I need a dynamic microphone preamplifier that's powered using the power supply of a remote PC multmidia speaker sound. I guess using the shield of the cable as negative and the center conductor as positive and audio signals. No need to be a very good quality sound. It'll be not a professional use only a home use. Thank you, Fernando
Hi guys, I'm looking for help for an upcoming art show me and my friends are putting on. I will first state that I have very little actual electronics experience, but I'm well versed in computers and I have a little soldering experience. The Project: We're looking to build a solar powered speaker that will go inside of a weather proof box
hi,,, im doing my final year project about wireless transmission of voice signals to its speakers,, where the speaker is a reciever powered by a low dc voltage source (9-16volts).. a microphone serves as its input, connected to a transmitter that transmits data to its speakers wirelessly... fm modulation and operates at a (...)
hi it is uses the voltage of dc of the line bye :D Noooo, it not use DC at ringing moment. When there is a ringing, the phone central puts depending of country from 20hz to 65Hz, 30 to 120 Vrms over the line. The phone terminal is powered using this high voltage in AC to drive the ringing speaker ringer. In most ph